JackGems: Jewelry for Your Phone

I love love love phone charms. I started collecting them in college when I studied abroad in Japan, where most people have at least three, but having five or more isn’t uncommon. I have Hello Kitty charms, cake charms with bells attached, whale charms from the aquarium, traditional silk koi charms from historic areas, kitten charms with screen cleaner fabric on their stomachs, and many more.

The only problem? As soon as I got the iPhone I couldn’t use my charms because there’s no spot for a lanyard. Luckily there are JackGems— Swarovski crystal jewelry for your phone that fit into the universal 3.5mm phone jack.

JackGems are designed by Kirsten Goede, whose observation that women love both jewelry and their phones inspired these little Swarovski crystal encrusted accessories.

I have the Grass colored gem (currently $20 with free shipping). I’ve been using it constantly and everyone loves it. The best part is that JackGems don’t interfere with the sound on your phone and you can make and take calls without having to remove them.

For more great holiday colors visit JackGems.com.

Disclosure: JackGems provided me with a sample, all content excepting the last photo is mine. iPhone case c/o Lucky FABB gift bag.


  1. says

    I used to have so many cell phone charms! I had a light up hello kitty, and one with a little wrist strap, one with bells, a bunch of cute handmade ones I bought at anime conventions… haha. good times.

    these are cute and maybe a little more sophisticated, but not quite as awesome as a light up hello kitty with bells ;)