Going Nowhere

6.21.2010 ~ Monday 

Not at all something that really belongs on the blog, but this is a good example of something I might wear during the summer when I literally have nothing to do… especially as I am still not gainfully employed.  Not that anyone I know actually likes their gainful employment, but I think I would really enjoy it :)  So I photographed this lazy nothing going nowhere outfit because I wear things like this often during the summer.  

This shirt is extremely old, and by extremely old I mean well over two years.  I think it was the Fall 07 Ella Moss for Barneys CO-OP collection.  It’s great for hot days because it’s very loose, although sometimes I add a belt.  It saw me through spring and summer in Japan and temperatures are out of control there!  This bracelet is also from Japan, from a cool build your own charm bracelet store in Roppongi Hills.  It was a birthday gift from friends of the family and their two five year-old daughters picked out all the charms.  All of them have significance: the peace sign because everyone flashes it in photos, the umbrella because it rains often in Japan, the dress and bag because I like fashion… there are a few others too but they aren’t visible in the photos. Only the shamrock is different, I bought it in Ireland last summer.  

I think I have to touch up the fake tan.  The hands are looking a little splotchy!  

Ella Moss for Barneys CO-OP, Joe’s Jeans denim shorts, J. Crew sandals.