Friday Part Two: Blogger’s Night Out

September 9, 2011

After ModSwap, Nnenna and I grabbed a drink at Bar Breton and then walked over to Pranna, the venue for Blogger’s Night Out. My voice is still recovering from several nights out in a row. I haven’t had a party schedule like this since college!

Feel like a tourist lately… been out near the Empire State Building like five times in a week.

I think that might be the elusive FNO bus?

We visited all the sponsors present at the event and picked up some gifts along the way. I won a Mink Pink leopard maxi skirt from LuLu’s! Also introduced myself to Kimberlee and looked for other bloggers I knew would be there, including Kristen (BonBon Rose Girls). There was a huge turnout and it was so crowded that I actually couldn’t find anyone else. Didn’t even know where to look!

Luckily I located Nnenna and Laura again. Later in the night plopped in a randomly velvet roped-off section with a familiar face and I snagged business cards from made-to-travel and Kendall Donaldson, one of the minds behind Blogger’s Night Out. Hope no one minded my stalker photos again. I try not to take posed photos and bloggers are used to having photos taken.

And last, if you’ve made it this far: the gift bag. ZOYA’s smoke and mirror collections, which are incredible. I painted my toes with one coat. Also included were these sparkly earrings from Send the Trend. We were talking about all styling them up and posting on the same day– let’s make it happen! I originally thought it would be a good visual FBFF, maybe someone can host a show us your earrings post?

Thanks for the photos, Laura! If you’re curious, I wore a giant black sack dress. Okay not really, I just have to learn not to dislike my camera’s flash so much. It’s a Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN shirt (from the consignment store next to Rag & Bone in SoHo, I forget the name) and T by Alexander Wang skirt.

Lydia visits tomorrow!


  1. says

    that is such a cute shot of Nnenna, and i love that silhouette shot of the girl in the hat as well. That is a fab polish collection too, nice gift!

    Okay, trying to pack and it’s all of a sudden cold. I’m not ready to be cold… I don’t have clothes for cold weather! (well, maybe I do, but I’ve forgotten about them.)

  2. says

     Bahahahahahahahahah, I’m sorry this photo is hilarious! I want to know what we’re talking about!

    I’m so glad you posted these! I left my little card carrier guy at my friend’s apartment that very night so have not been able to get in touch you ladies. So good to meet you! If you’re NY based let’s grab a drink or lunch sometime.

    • says

      Yeah, I’m a creeper… but sometimes I think I’m actually more a photographer than a blogger. I just have a fashion blog instead of a photoblog. 

      Um, I ended up with one smoke and two mirrors hahahahhaa. Already tried Anja from the smoke collection on my toes and it covers amazingly. Next up is fingernails but I have long ones. Makes dark nails look kind of costumey. 

  3. says

    LOL This picture is proof that I do make weird faces all the time when I’m talking. Well, I suppose it could be worse. It was great hanging out with you that night, especially in our fun corded off area. – Katy

    • says

      Haha it’s okay, I’m so flushed in al the ModSwap photos I look like I went for a run beforehand! I have another one of you looking pensive while updating Twitter but I thought this photo was more interesting and potentially less creepy. I admit to being a total photo creeper.