Aaaaand Firefox crashed and I lost the entire post.  Mozilla needs to get it together because Firefox 3 has a horrible crash rate.  At least once per day for me and that’s an improvement.  It used to be four times/day.

Doing my best imitation of an airplane!  My friend once told me I looked like I should be flying in this dolman sleeve sweater.

Banana Republic has additional 40% off sale (lowest ticketed price)!!  So go go go!  I got a sweater and a silk shirt from under $40.

Aqua by Bloomingdales sweater (backwards as the front has a very deep (I’m talking Jennifer Lopez-at-the-Grammys deep) neckline ~~ American Apparel skirt ~~ Penneys stockings ~~ Arturo Chiang boots (still available at Piperlime!)

Later, out.

Dress is from Francesca’s Collections (don’t remember the designer) ~~ Penneys tights ~~ Forever21 bracelet ~~ Aldo ankle boots