When Lydia Came to Visit

I’m interrupting my usually chronological photos because Lydia’s are already up. And if I post them in order it’ll be next week and I’ll feel like an idiot. Lydia’s write up is much better, and you should look at some of the photos she captured with her wide angle lens!

(Stolen from Lydia.)

Last week Lydia came to New York! We did lots of fun and mostly non-touristy things (I put my foot down at Times Square with a tripod on a Friday night. Just. No.).

Lydia zeroed in on my manicure. I’m starting a new trend. Really.

We went to Central Park because Lydia had never been, and wonder of wonders: I managed not to get us lost. But we didn’t venture any farther uptown than Le Pain Quotidien. Otherwise getting lost would have been a very real possibility because I have no idea where any of those walkways go as soon as they’re past Le Pain.

(Also stolen from Lydia.)

Then we ventured downtown for some shopping, etc. and then we met Nnenna and ate lots of pho!


  1. says

    I am in love with your skirt! Where is it from? Is it leather? 

    Definitely going to have to try your manicure. Soon, it will be an option in every salon across the country. They’ll called it, “The Delayed Missives.”

  2. says

    I actually really like that manicure idea–I have a dark purple polish that I like, but that looks kind of overwhelming all over my nails. Maybe I’ll try this! (Though my nails are kind of sad and square rather than pretty and ovoid like yours, but I’m gonna give it a try anyhow.)

    You always look like you’re having so much fun with your friends! It makes me smile. :) <– See?

    • says

      I think a square nail would actually be better for this, more geometric and edgy. You should definitely try it. 

      I treasure the time I get to spend with my friends. As we get older they don’t want to come out to play as often :(