When Bloggers go to Blue Owl

Dear Silvergirl,

On the 11th Nnenna, Lala, and I met at Blue Owl for a mini blogger meetup. And Kim is definitely coming next time! I love getting together with my friends– it’s a very big part of what makes New York so great. And we live very near each other, so we should definitely be seeing each other all the time.

Nnenna and I were together during daylight for the first time in so long and we chose the church courtyard for photos again. Lala met us later and has been camera shy lately, but I’m determined to get her in photos soon. I’m such a creepy photo stalker.

We had lots of good things to drink at Blue Owl. Happy hour specials last until 10pm on Wednesdays and until 8pm other weekdays. I had a Browns Nemesis and a Tammany Fizz. Both very good, but do watch out for the Tammany Fizz.

The bar is very cool and there is plenty of seating. And they take reservations.

Photos of me taken by Nnenna, and photos of Nnenna taken by me! I’m wearing my Ann Taylor blazer, Zara shirt, Pilcro/Anthropologie jeans, Ann Taylor pumps, and Coach sunglasses (similar). What’s Nnenna wearing? I don’t know (other than H&M pants), you’ll just have to wait and check Star-Crossed Smile for more photos!

Happy weekend!



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    Yay, I’m loving our daytime photos- such a nice change for us!  And my hand totally looks purple in that one shot- crazy! :)

    Happy Hour at the Blue Owl is a great deal- can’t wait until we go again!

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    Alex, I didn’t know you wore jeans/trousers! :) I’m kidding, of course, but for me, this is a whole new look for you. I love those heels and that bar sounds fabulosa. 

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    If being a creepy photo stalker is wrong, I don’t want to be right. (I have yet to get any friends other than Tia in on the outfit photos, though…)

    Ahhhh, you look like you had so much fun! I keep forgetting to add Nnenna to my Google Reader, going to go do that right now.