Under the Yellow Tree

November 4, 2011

This tree has since dropped every single one of these pretty yellow leaves. I was hoping they’d hang on for longer, but I think the snowstorm wasn’t too kind to the leaves this year.

The changing seasons always remind me of wabi-sabi (the fleetingness of all things). Fall is the only season I’ve never seen in Japan and I’d love to go and stay for the entire season. I imagine it’s even more beautiful than winter and spring. All the red maple trees must look amazing.

Anthropologie sweater, MM Couture dress, MIA boots, Coach bag (vintage), Talbots scarf, tree necklace (grandmother’s).


  1. Mia says

    I really like your lipstick here. It looks so classy with the rest of your outfit! Despite not being a makeup person, I’d love to try red or otherwise strongly-colored lipstick sometimes, but I worry that it would just look out-of-place on my face.

    • says

      Thanks Kim! I love this sweater. It’s actually from the lounge collection, so it’s really comfortable. I think a lot of Anthropologie’s lounge things are definitely nice enough for daywear. 

  2. says

    red maples are so pretty! I suppose this sounds odd, but I have a tree wish list. As in, when I someday have a home of my own I have a list of trees that must be present in the yard. Red Maple and Cherry Blossom are at the very top of the list. Especially the cherry blossom, which is the best thing about the spring.