The Posh Party

Dear Shen Dove,

Yesterday Nnenna and I attended the Spring Trends Posh Party hosted by Poshmark at the Ace Hotel. Despite passing by the hotel several times/week for months, I had never actually been inside. I caught up with some friends from the Bloggers’ Collective and met a few new faces– including Hope, who blogs at A Flattering Tale and is a member of the Correspondence Club.

Hope and Nnenna at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel.

Photobooth with props, of course. I chose a mustache.

Dark inside, but there was plenty of space for the crowd and I loved the decor.

Nnenna and I went pretty rocker. So glad the warmer weather held. No tights!

Woo this skirt is fun. It’s sheer with a solid attached mini underneath. Perfect for windy days that are all too frequent in New York this spring.

You can always tell when Nnenna has been taking my photos…

…because it’s the only time I’m ever captured smiling! I still prefer my usual half-glare.


Simply Vera Vera Wang jacket (Fall 2011) | Zara cowl neck shirt (Spring 2011) | Target belt | Forever 21 leopard maxi skirt (currently available in stores) | MIA ankle boots | B Makowsky Tess Satchel


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    This looks like it was a great event!  I love your outfit. Your maxi is fab.  I must have subconsciously been influenced by your outfit over the weekend, because I picked up a leopard printed maxi skirt at a clothing swap : – )

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    Aw, I like your happy smile! (Although I will never order you to smile, because that is a creepy and awful thing to do and I haaaaaaate it when people do that to me.) Ugh, the two of you just have style galore, and that looks like so much fun.

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    That maxi skirt is killer!! I was trying to save some money this month, but . . . now you have me reworking my budget to make room for this skirt. You really knocked it out of the park with this outfit.

    Looks like such a fun party!

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    Alex! The photos are so wonderful!  Loving the maxi skirt on you…it’s like rockin’ chic!  I think I just made that up…unless there is such a phrase?
    Anywho, you should show your pretty smile more!
    Have a great weekend!

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      I’m not sure if Nnenna loved me for deciding we were going to shoot in Astor Place, but the photos came out great :) Next up is totally making her stand in the middle of a street, haha. 

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    aww you are both the prettiest rocker chicks ever! I love that darling skirt, Alex! I need to find a way to wear my flowy skirts and dresses without them fluttering in the wind so much! 

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    Tee hee hee, I’m taking all the credit for that smiling picture- I love it!  And your leopard maxi skirt is fun! Glad I was able to capture a little bit of the movement :)

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      Go away hahaha. I’m definitely more of the grumpy photo type… though I do photograph you smiling all the time. Actually — if you didn’t already figure it out — I try to get you to laugh all the time because you pose more naturally then.