The Cove

Well look what I found during my recent journeys around New York.

All this time, and I had no idea Stuyvesant Cove Park was such a nice place to go.

There are even some well-cared for gardens. Berries on the bushes are one of the only visible signs that it’s fall in New York.

And there’s even a tiny beach. I would have gone down, but I don’t think I would have been able to get back up. One must leap the fence.

Gap blazer, H&M dress, LOFT belt, MIA ( shoes, Longchamp bag.


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    That is a lovely place, and i don’t blame you for not wanting to go over a fence. I’ve definitely gotten a bit stuck doing that… so embarrassing.

    I really need to get some black wedge booties. I’ve decided they are a fall essential.

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      If I had another person with me, maybe it would have been possible. A tall person, probably. But I might have gotten splashed if I went down. When boats go by the river gets a little rough, and the East River is a not so nice river. I think the Hudson is cleaner. 

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    Still kicking myself that I didn’t buy those MIA shoes at DSW, even though then I would have two very similar shoes.  Also, still love that snakeskin print dress on you- so cute!!

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      Hahahaha totally doesn’t matter… we could be shoe twins and have a photoshoot together at the church again. These are really pretty comfortable for 3 inch heels and they’re not hard to walk in either. Wait for another DSW discount to come along and get them!