A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Theatre

6.25.2010 ~ Friday evening ~ A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

I went to opening night of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and it was so great!  I highly recommend it if you ever have the chance to see it!  I was a little pressed for time to get ready to go and it was really hot out, so I grabbed the first light and airy dress I saw in my closet.  I almost never just impulsively put things on but I really had no idea what I was going to wear beforehand.  I don’t know how I feel about that shoes with this dress either, but the pre-show is completely on the grass so I didn’t want my heels to be stuck in the ground (it recently rained)!  

I’m not positive that I like the pattern of this dress…  I might overdye it in dark pink or navy.  Do you think it would look better that way?  I’m firmly convinced that nothing in fashion divides people more than a pattern.  It can stir up quite a bit of drama, and tends to the extremes: usually either love or hate!  

P. S.  Comments are now open!  And I love this new theme so much that I’m thinking of making an image header for it!  I might just stay with this one and not write my own! 

Rachel Rachel Roy dress, Sofft sandals, scarf from Intermix. 

In the Summertime

6.25.2010 ~ Friday

Summer weather is officially here!  It’s been holding steady in the 80s and 90s with extreme humidity and no end in sight!  Time to switch to breezy summer dresses!  This is a recent purchase, but I can see it belonging to the group of dresses I have that are labeled 90+ degrees days.  They’re the lightest, most comfortable in the heat kind of dresses I own.  

I also have photos of what I wore to the opening night of a musical later on during the evening.  I went to Starbucks in this, and not really much else.  They’ll be up in another post.  

What do you think of the shoes and bag?  Too strange a color combination?  The shoes are officially listed as silver by Sofft but I think they are more of a metallic nude.  And the bag is called aluminum grey or something like that — it’s a dark grey, no metallic.  

Juicy Couture dress, Sofft shoes, Coach sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacbos bag.  

Les Cheveux

On Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm… I finally got my hair cut!  Are you ready for it?  

I don’t think you’re ready yet!  But okay….

L’haircut, it is le short! 

5.26.2010 Wednesday

This post is extremely late!  Sorry, I had quite a busy weekend… busy partying!  I can’t even remember what I did when I wore this dress other than go to work… that was probably all, actually.  

My cousin brought that cool fan back from a trip to Spain! 

I forget but it’s from Confetti in the Outer Banks dress, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft sandals.  


5.24.2010 Monday

Last photos with long hair.  I’ve worn this shirt with the yellow version of this skirt before (it’s actually one of the best things I’ve ever worn) and thought I’d try it out with this color for an almost monochromatic look!  

I’ve been wearing these Sofft platforms constantly!  I totally need to change it up a little!

Francesca’s Collections shirt, Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, J. Crew belt, Sofft platforms.

Casual Blues

5.16.2010 Sunday

Denim?  Neverrrrrrr!  Okay, well I do sometimes wear denim, though by now you probably know I don’t have a particular fondness for pants.  They’re just not terribly flattering on me :P  

This is my attempt at boyfriend, except these are slouchy skinny jeans.  I think they’re supposed to look like this on regular-sized people but I’m a petite so they look more like boyfriend.  So imagine what boyfriend jeans look like on me — not too good.  I can’t wear boyfriend shorts either.  I love them… on other people!  I don’t always always follow style rules though!  I just bought that pink Aidan Mattox floor length gown, a length that is generally the cardinal sin of petite dressing.  I’m wearing it to a black tie optional gala at which all the men wear tuxedos anyway (I saw last year’s photos), and an outdoor wedding later in June so I feel like it was a good choice! 

Navy blouse (Ann Taylor Loft, huge sale going on now), black belt (Forever 21), slouchy skinny jeans (Banana Republic), nude pumps (Sofft), gunmetal chain bracelet (b-side by ken and dana). 

Purple Clouds

5.10.2010 Monday

The pattern on this shirt reminds me of stylized clouds in Japanese art.  My cousins got it for me for my birthday, it’s from Anthropologie though I forget the label and it’s downstairs drying right now.  

Looking a little dead… these were taken directly after the weekend in Atlantic City.  

And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

Grey leopard cardigan (Old Navy), yellow and purple shirt (Anthropologie), brown belt (Charlotte Russe), brown skirt (J. Crew), nude pumps (Sofft). 


5.5.2010 Wednesday

I’m back from Atlantic City and severely underslept… and no caffeine today either, except for tea.  I have a lot of back posts again and this seems to happen to me a lot.  Maybe I should get myself on some kind of a schedule or something? 

I wore quite a bit of yellow over the course about seven days… the next photos I have are seriously yellow!  It was apparently just a yellow kind of week :)

Grey shirt (Old Navy), yellow skirt (Odille – Anthropologie), brown belt (Charlotte Russe), nude shoes (Sofft). 

Mink Pink Mink Yellow

4.30.2010  Friday

Extremely late post.  It was maybe touch warm for the sweater last Friday but I really liked the yellow — better than the short sleeved grey I almost wore.  My friend was home from medical school in Dominica so we got together for a bit!  We are always on Skype so we actually see each other often!  It’s a bit different than totally in person though.  She can’t steal my Vegan Treats through the computer!

In more updated news, I’m leaving for Atlantic City today and won’t be back until Sunday.  I have a look or two for the queue though! 

Yellow sweater (J. Crew), black and white dress (Mink Pink), nude platform pumps (Sofft).


4.3.2010  Friday

This look is dedicated to jerseyferrari. She inspired me to wear my pink tights with a pattern, as I generally wear them with solids, namely black.  Well, here they are with black again but my dress does have a floral pattern! 

The detail of the sweater is really interesting — it’s not just a basic black.  There’s a sort of bubble burnout pattern in the fabric that you can see a little in the first photo on the left where the sunlight is shining through the bottom of the sweater.  I never take detail shots (for some reason I find them ridiculously difficult and they never seem to focus correctly, as well as always having poor lighting) and I think maybe it’s time to give them some effort.  If anyone has any suggestions please email me (dearalexelizabeth@gmail.com) or even facebook me or something!!

Sweater… thing from Francesca’s Collections, Free People dress, H&M belt, We Love Colors tights, Sofft platform sandals. 

Washed Out


I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with my camera… no matter what I do to the settings if it’s a bright day everything comes out overexposed.  This camera is going on three years so maybe it’s just nearing the end of its life.  Maybe I should buy myself a better camera for my birthday?  It’s coming up soon, I’m getting old! 

Old Navy cardigan, Old Navy camisole, J. Crew skirt, Sofft shoes.