I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me

8.1.2010 ~ Sunday ~ Hello August

August first was a rather cool and dreary day, highly unusual!  I was able to wear pants for the first time in ever… sometimes I miss being able to wear pants (too hot) even if I normally favor skirts and dresses!  These are supposed to be jeggings but they don’t quite fit like they’re supposed to.  Maybe if I hemmed them it would be better?  

I’m seeing Counting Crows on Friday and it’s supposed to be hot and humid.  Any outfit suggestions?  

Free People shirt, J Brand jeggings, belt from Japan, H&M sweater, Sofft shoes.  

Pattern Mixing, or Polka Dots Again

7.27.2010 ~ Tuesday

My shirt actually has a small polka dot pattern but I forgot to get a closer photo of it, just like I’ve forgotten to get a close-up the past four or five times I’ve worn it!  I’m really not good at those detail shots.  

If you haven’t already heard, Banana Republic is having a really excellent sale, 30% off!  It used to be one of my favorite stores but since they redid their sizing (I don’t care if corporate never said anything, not a single thing fits me any more) I haven’t been able to buy anything there and I don’t even go to the store any more.  My favorite suit is from Banana Republic but it looks like I won’t be able to get any more there :(  I think everything is cut for a curvier figure now, so if that’s you run over to the store/website! 

Banana Republic shirt, J. Crew skirt, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft shoes.  

A Little Bit Dark

7.22.2010 ~ Thursday

I doubt anyone would be able to guess it but I actually have a fairly intense goth streak.  Well not as much now, however I used to wear tons of black (still do at times) and most of the year I’m really pale… so it would totally work out for me.  I’m really serious (you probably don’t believe me but I would buy the entire Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto collections every season if I could) I used to wear black and ribbons and lace and crazy things all the time, I swear.  I’m actually starting to move toward that again, although I’m favoring black and studs… okay, I know you totally think I’m making it up so I’ll just have to start digging up old photos.  If I could just find senior prom photos… the dress is a gothic minimalist black lace tour de force!

Free People dress, Sofft platforms, b-side bracelet.  

P.S. An incredible sale is going on at my shape right now – extra 50% off all sale items!  

Oh Hai Polka Dots

7.21.2010 ~ Wednesday

I had another one of those can’t-show-the-eyes-or-else-someone-will-mistake-me-for-a-zombie-and-try-to-kill-me-with-an-old-LP days.  Sunglasses are a seriously essential accessory!  

H&M dress, J. Crew belt, Sofft platforms, J. Crew bangles, Forever 21 sunglasses. 


7.20.2010 ~ Monday

It’s the time of year that it rains every day and the air is just saturated with water… every movement feels like swimming!  Typically during this weather I wear the lightest fabrics I own with little embellishment and no jewelry.  I can’t imagine trying to wear a jacket or small sweater — it’s just too hot!  

Ann Taylor shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sofft pumps.  

Night-Blooming Floral

7.9.2010 ~ Friday

These photos were actually taken at 8 pm!  I wanted to experiment with photography at night again but it wasn’t dark enough.  Maybe if I wait until nine?  

I’ve been feeling a lot like pumps lately, I have no idea why.  Especially as the temperature keeps rising.  You’d think I’d be in sandals… but no, I’d rather wear pumps!  This skirt is reaaaaaally puffy!  That’s okay, as long as I keep the silhouette nipped at the waist.  I should have probably gotten one size smaller though, this skirt is a size larger than my other J. Crew skirt of the same design.  The pearl bracelet is actually a necklace I got at Uniqlo when I was studying abroad in Japan.  It turned out to be a really good buy because the faux pearls are good quality (I’m pretty sure they’re glass) and the unusual color goes well with a lot of different looks.  

American Apparel dolman sleeve shirt, J. Crew Collection skirt, J. Crew belt, Sofft shoes, Uniqlo faux pearls, unknown designer bracelet from a local boutique.  

Happy Independence Day + Sparklers

7.4.2010 ~ Independence Day

Does this dress look familiar?  I don’t have a lot of red white and blue that can be worn together, so I repeated this dress with some bright red lipstick!  Neither of my red belts worked with it, I think it might have been the terrycloth or the belts were too wide.  I altered this dress slightly because I thought there was something wrong with the straps and I was totally right they were different lengths!  Now they’re attached to the top of the dress in a little ruffle.  I think my broad shoulders also look better without the straps — too thin!  I should really learn to wear sleeves!  What do you think, better than here?  

Juicy Couture dress, belt from a discount store in Japan, Sofft shoes.  

Faded Flowers

Guess who’s looking a little… less than alive?  Sunglasses, please!  Much better.

6.28.2010 ~ Monday 

I’m looking a little pale and tired… Sunday night I attended a fabulous garden party where I had an allergic reaction to cucumber.  What a bizarre thing to be allergic to, right?  It was my own fault for eating it anyway, but knowing the hosts’ cooking you would have done the same thing.  The cucumber was in a delightful gazpacho, pictured in the last post.  I asked for half a bowl and intended not to finish it because of my allergy, so of course I was scraping the sides of the bowl by the end of the course!  By the time dessert was served I was very, very itchy.  The allergy isn’t life threatening (yet, but it will be eventually if I continue to eat cucumber) but it is uncomfortable.  My arms start to itch, and then my scalp especially near my hairline.  I took a lot of antihistamines but I was still rather itchy for the remainder of the night.  I already received a thorough chewing out from my med school friends so I won’t be doing that again… for a while :)  

This blouse is such a chameleon… I feel as if it never looks like the same color!  The first photo was taken with flash but none of the rest were!  The actual color in real life is somewhere between the first and last photo.  

Buttons for Francesca’s Collections shirt, J. Crew Collection skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Sofft shoes, Forever 21 sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  

Guess Where New York

6.26.2010 ~ Saturday

The lighting isn’t terribly good in these photos but I just love the look of streestyle photography.  I wish all my photos could be taken on the streets of New York, however I don’t think carrying around my tripod is exactly practical… Also, this dress needs tailoring.  And a belt.  This is why I wish I had a polaroid camera!  Maybe I’ll get myself one for Christmas this year :)

I met some of my sorority sisters for a mini reunion day.  We had lunch at Matsugen and then went shopping in SoHo before meeting another friend still in school who’s working in the city for the summer.  I need to find a job in New York… or just a job in general, you know.  But New York is sort of my life’s goal destination.  I wouldn’t mind city life at all, even in the summer heat!  Saturday’s weather was really good though, it only ever got too hot briefly in the afternoon so we spent a lot of time in stores.  

I can across a huge find: Callalilai Boutique!  It reminds me of Free People, Anthropologie, etc. but just a little more grown up.  I highly recommend it, even if you just go in and look at the décor! 

BCBG Max Azria dress (still available), Sofft shoes (saw through the entire day!), Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, b-side by ken and dana bracelet, Coach sunglasses.  

Scenes from a Japanese restaurant, SoHo, NoLita…