Silver Evening

10.16.10 – Saturday – Fall Wedding

Look at all those leaves!  I guess I’m going to have to rake them up soon.  I really miss jumping into huge leaf piles, I used to do that a lot when I was younger (and of course in college… usually at 2am…).  I last wore this dress to a gala in June and I had it lifted at the shoulder since then.  I think it fits much better now!  I should really have 60% of my clothing altered but unfortunately only about 20% really ends up going to the tailor.  So that would mean that 80% fits improperly (oops).  

I’ve finally broken out the cape!  Except that now it’s really too cold for the cape, and just about a week ago it was to hot.  There was a skip of an entire temperature range… the range for cape weather.  I actually wanted to wear a longer coat with sleeves but it squashed my dress, so appearance won over comfort as usual :)  Luckily I don’t tend to overheat or freeze easily, I think I must have some kind of superhuman internal temperature regulation system or something!  

Mossimo for Target cape, unknown gloves, Ralph Lauren small bag, Ellen Tracy dress, Nina shoes.  

Black Tie Optional + Victor Victoria

6.5.2010 Saturday

Jessica of What I Wore issued another challenge!  I don’t know if it will be posted – I sent my photo at like 9pm because I thought the deadline was in the evening like the previous challenges but it’s actually 11:59am… oh well, I definitely wouldn’t have made the deadline anyway today because of work.  I had so much fun with the last challenge, but the best part was connecting with other bloggers, especially on tumblr!  Sometime soon I’m going to make up a post about the tumblr bloggers!  Maybe some of you guys don’t know about each other yet!  

Saturday I attended the Annual Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival Gala.  I suppose now I’m an actual patron of the arts.  And a tiny bit closer to becoming a philanthropist (my life’s goal).  One day I hope to be able to give serious money to causes I find worthy but for now I have to content myself with being a minor donor.  The Gala was black tie optional and it’s usually the case that most men wear tuxedos so I wasn’t really content with wearing one of the dresses from my, errr… sorority formal days.  Luckily I came across this dress at Lord and Taylor (after hours of despair at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, where apparently black tie optional dresses are no longer carried).  I think it has good rewearability too!  It’s an option for a wedding I’m attending this weekend — an additional option post is coming soon!

Ellen Tracy dress, J. Crew hat, Ralph Lauren bag, Nina shoes.