Last Photos of Summery Fall

10.27.10 – Wednesday

As much as I love sunny days… overcast ones make for fantastic lighting :)  Less problems with exposure (at least I think so).  I used to have major issues with lighting in my photos, but I gradually got better through trial and error + taking thousands of photos + photography blogs + photography book.  I like to use natural light whenever I can but sometimes… I would really like one of those umbrellas to direct light where I want it!  

Last week temperatures were still fairly warm but I was the only person I saw going around without tights/pants.  I’m actually extremely immune to temperature changes so I can go far into winter still wearing short sleeves and no sweaters.  I don’t get cold easily and hot weather is not extremely bothersome to me either (although you won’t see me wearing layers and sweaters during the summer, everyone does that in Japan, they must be even less susceptible to temperature than I am).  I actually barely own any long sleeve shirts and most of my wardrobe can be worn during any season with the addition of tights and sweaters.  Although I’m practically notorious for wearing sleeveless things in January and disliking all sweaters except for cardigans.  

Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, Gap mohair socks, Frye boots.  

Black & White & Red All Over

10.8.10 – Friday

This is one of my favorite color combinations, although I hardly ever wear it.  I’m far more likely to wear black and white, or maybe black and red (although interestingly never red and white).  All my photos are so boring I’m only posting this one, the rest are me just looking up or down or right!  So boring.  Maybe I need to try jump photos or something, although I think heels are just a little bit prohibitive… 

Ann Taylor shirt, Target belt, Merona (Target) skirt, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.  

Silk Bandages

10.1.10 – Friday Evening

So it was really cold (okay, it was only 60, but still really windy) when I took these last week.  I think you can totally tell how cold I was, I’m doing that little scrunch in, yet still try to retain my posture thing.  

I wore this later on Friday to the speakeasy with my friends where I think we ordered at least 9 appetizers — most of it was dinner for three out of five though.  And I had the best Sidecar of my life, with sugar on half the rim.  I was breaking in my new (vintage) Ferragamos from BriFoster on etsy.  They got here from Canada so fast!  Totally my new favorite shoes, although I wish they had a platform.  Maybe I can have the cobbler attach some?  I don’t know if that’s possible though, seems like an intense job!  

H&M sweater, Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, J. Crew belt, Coach clutch, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.  

P. S. Some last Toronto photos are here.  

Adventures With DSLR: Is That a Ghost on My Left?

9.27.10 ~ Monday

So this is my first attempt at indoor photography and I guess it came out okay. The flash is quite visible. But I probably should have taken these before 6pm as well, it getting a little dark to do that.  Especially indoors.  And the background… could definitely be better.  I have to work on that, and really, I’m trying to.  I just bought The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby and I’m thinking about one of those photography-class-in-a-book sort of things as well.  And I need some decent software, iPhoto is good but Aperture or maybe Photoshop Elements would be better?  

I wore this to meet my friend from school for pho (Vietnamese) at a restaurant almost soft of halfway between us (farther for me, but highway driving long distances every so often gets that racing urge out of blood) We’re all so scattered now, from coast to coast and north to south… and even across continents!  It’s terrible not to be able to go to Starbucks with my friends every day at 6:30 for the after dinner/pre-studying pick me up!  I do wish we were all closer together.  

Dress from Commander Salamander (I forget the actual label), LOFT belt, over the knee socks/stockings really from Japan, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.   

Beads Dropping Like Flies

(I really wish this skirt had pockets!  Seriously, I totally tried to put my hands in the nonexistent pockets.  Yeah, it didn’t work).  

9.25.10 ~ Saturday

It’s supposed to be fall, I know, but temperatures have been holding in the 85-95 range :P  I keep seeing bloggers in tights and thinking… no, can’t do it.  It’s still far too warm.  Half my summer clothing is on the floor waiting to be stored but it’s just not getting cooler and I keep pulling things back out!  

Lazy day for dressing, I’m almost head to toe LOFT here.  I’ve worn this skirt before, but never with a shirt tucked in.  And I adore this shirt but practically a whole row of beads has fallen off!  

LOFT shirt and skirt, Sofft platforms.  

What is Going On? I Don’t Know

So guess who went to Canada and came back a hipster?

Oh right, that would be me.  Okay, not really, I just got some oxfords.   And started actually using the long shoulder strap on my bag.  But anyway, the shoes: 

Really?  Oxfords?  Me?  They’re… flat (should I have gotten the heels?), and they’re… flat.  Not even a hidden wedge.  I mean, I guess I should try to be kinder to my feet or I’ll be having surgery at 25.  But I won’t say they’re not a touch uncharacteristic.  I don’t even know what to wear them with.  Floaty dresses?  Vintage dresses?  Shorts?  Maybe some black skinny jeans (too hipster on me?).  Full skirts?  Tights, definitely tights!  And what about socks?  

Okay, I need help.  But really, the seafoam socks I tried these on with looked really good although they kind of took me back to my Catholic school days — not exactly the look I was going for!  What would you wear them with?

JC Penney juniors (must stop shopping in juniors, I know, too old, but it was last winter!), LOFT shorts, Marc by Marc Jacbos bag, Cole Haan oxfords.  

It’s Fall. Maybe. (I Think)

9.20.2010 ~ Monday 

I’m getting tired of photos from Toronto, I have actually hundreds.  So here’s a break with some more recent photos!  

So… is it fall or not?  It’s been cool lately but apparently it will be 90+ again by the end of the week.  Yesterday I definitely wanted something warmer than this light sweater but I have a dearth of fall outerwear.  In fact, I have had no fall outerwear for at least the past two fall seasons but haven’t done anything about it because 1) I always feel as if I am running out of money for shopping by fall (maybe I should restart finances in line with fashion seasons?) and 2) all the jackets I want are $450 or so.  I’ve been looking around though and may have found my perfect fall jacket!  If it works out I’m sure it will be showing up after the heat wave!  

Francesca’s Collections cotton jersey cardigan sweater thing, BCBG dress, LOFT double wrap belt, Sofft platforms.  

Adventures With DSLR: Lighting Issues After Hours

…Or Same as Yesterday Only Later.  


1.  Hold.  Still.  Dark + crazy movement = …yeah. 

2.  Wow, my shoes look really red in these photographs.  

3.  Have those pants hemmed.  

4.  The tacky palm trees look less tacky with this camera.  I think I actually like them.  

5.  Sign up for photography classes.  

Adventures with DSLR: Lighting Issues

… Or How Not to Use a DSLR. 

Exhibit A:  I need direction.  Direct sunlight is hitting my face, making my foundation look like it’s about four shades lighter than my actual skin tone.  Oops.  It would be fantastic if someone would make a camera attachment that shouts tips at you while on the continuous self-timer setting.  Lesson learned: don’t stand with your face in the sun.  There’s only so much the camera can do, you need to improve your general  photography skill level.  

Exhibit B:  So I am really good at blurring out the foreground and sharpening the background.  Unfortunately this means I have to go hide behind a plant or something to bring myself into focus.  

Exhibit C:  Getting better?  Not bad, but depth of field is still kind of meh.