Sunglasses Headband

Sometimes I forget my sunglasses on my head, and then I’m like: where are they, where did they go?


I have them.

This is a new look for my leather skirt. I was trying to come up with new ways to wear it and eventually just decided on leaving my cardigan thing open over it. Has kind of a layered look. Also thought the belt was a good idea, but over the leather skirt it ended up being too much bulk and I lost it at the first opportunity. Maybe a skinny belt or sash would have been better? I like the way it looks in photos but it was just too uncomfortable.

Happy fall, everyone! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. So far I’ve been having an awesomely lazy weekend…

Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, ZARA shirt, Gap skirt (possibly vintage), Forever 21 belt, Legale fleece-lined over-the-knees, Cole Haan ballets.