IFB Conference Top Fifteen

Yesterday I attended the IFB Conference at Milk Studios. I was looking forward to hearing what the panelists had to say after hearing about how great IFB was in September. The conference was excellent for new bloggers just starting out, but as someone who’s been blogging on Tumblr since March 2008 and who even had a Xanga (yes, I’ll admit it), I found the amount of useful information limited.

So instead of a panel-by-panel recap, I put together fifteen quotes that I personally thought were the best of the day.

Hilarious photo of Shenneth and me. This was apparently our best of six– the early morning must have been getting to us.

On brand partnerships:

Brands are looking for bloggers with credibility, flexibility, and scalability. Blogging is the next marketing medium. – Lauren Tesar, Lifebooker

Have a media kit ready when you start to reach out. – Jessie Thorpe, Denimology

Glamour looks for level of engagement when considering new contributors. Blogging and bloggers have changed the meaning of brand. Influence. – Susan Cernek, Glamour

Think about a lifestyle mindset because a lot of brands are becoming lifestyle brands. Check in on GetGlue. Share where you eat, where you go. – Macala Wright, FashionablyMarketing.Me

New friends Jaimie and Shari.

On content:

Don’t be afraid to be too different. – Karen Moon, Style Musée

Be transparent, honest, have good voice. You can’t be everywhere [on every social media platform] focus on a few and do them well. – Aliza Licht, DKNY

Your point of view is so important. Pay attention, even to your layout. Stay consistent. Keep the same look and feel no matter what platform you’re using. – Erica Domesek, P.S.- I made this…

Make sure quality is not sacrificed. Post at a speed you’re comfortable with. Your readers appreciate consistency. – Connie Wang, Refinery29

Don’t post for the sake of posting. Take the time to edit yourself. Good high quality content is more important. -Nicolette Mason, Nicolette Mason

I also met Jill and Nicole (also known as Glamamom and MomTrends)!

On community:

It’s important to value your audience and respect their time. Always disclose sponsored posts. – Kat Griffin, Corporette

Find out how you can add value to the current community. – Wendy Ngyugen, Wendy’s Lookbook

Create a community you can give back to. – Erica Domesek, P.S.- I made this…

It’s important to keep your blog and presence organic. Dont follow in anyone else’s footsteps. – Bryan Grey Yambao, Bryanboy

You never know where great relationships will take you. – Grace Atwood, Bauble Bar

And what Bryanboy does in the dressing room at Barneys (wouldn’t you?): hide and take a picture of this and tweet.