Stop Telling Me You’ll Be Back

Worn on 3 Dec 2010

Thoughts:  Okay, that was not enjoyable.  And I still keep intermittently getting the error messages.  Not fun.  I’m definitely going to consider moving my blog off tumblr.  

In other news, I think I’m ready to start replacing all of my tights with Spanx/Assets.  The waistbands of my HUE tights roll/slide down a lot and none of my Spanx do.  Getting to be more expensive though, I think they’re around $25 each.  Maybe I should try We Love Colors again?  I know a lot of bloggers love those.  

So glad to bring this scarf out for winter… even if it is 28 degrees.  I love the little buttons and bows sewed onto the one end.  The wool is also very soft.  I think I purchased it for €38 which wasn’t too bad at the time I got it and I really regret not buying more.  I don’t even want to think about the import taxes from Ireland!  

C&C shirt, J. Crew skirt, HUE tights, Avoca scarf, Frye boots.  

A Little Bit in Transition

9.6.10 ~ Monday ~ Holiday

The last photos with the little point and shoot, unless I’m ever separated from the DSLR.  I’m actually thinking about naming it… yeah, it’s that bad.  It’s like it’s my pet or something :)  

I forgot how much I like this sweater!  I haven’t worn it since probably May, and I haven’t photographed it since March.  My only defense is that it’s been hot!  Too hot even for a short sleeved sweater!  I’ve never been able to wear summer sweaters unless it’s truly cold, even if it drops to 60 the humidity gets to me.  I’ve always wanted to have summer cashmere but I would totally just roast myself!  

Some people IRL have seen me in shorts more than is generally normal — it’s because I’m hoping to carry them into fall.  I’ve never been able to continue with shorts past summer so I’ve been trying to think of looks I can easily add stockings to for fall/winter.  Depending on the weather, I might be trying it out in Toronto with black lace stockings at night!

Moth (Anthropologie) sweater, C&C California shirt, LOFT shorts, Sofft platforms, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.