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striped dress and louis vuitton petit noe bucket bag standing on the street in flatiron

Dear Laura,

I thought I’d try something a little more casual and picked up this classic striped dress from Gilt’s super sale a few weeks ago. It was a great price, but it’s also really sheer so I have a full slip on underneath. Not exactly what I was hoping for in a summer dress, so I think this one will be more of a beach coverup or be worn with a jacket for fall. 

Still have the wrap, but slowly improving. Making good use of my flats!

antik batik scarf striped dress and louis vuitton petit noe bucket bag

atwell dress (similar) | Antik Batik Pareo Scarf (Spring 2008) | J.Crew belt (Spring 2009) | J.Crew Sunflower necklace (Spring 2013, sold out) | J.Crew bangle | Coach bangle | Burberry sunglasses (burgundy version on sale!) | Louis Vuitton Petit Noé (2003, similar kate spade version) | Lanvin ballet flats | photos: star-crossed smile

striped dress burberry sunglasses and j.crew sunflower necklace close up

fashion bloggers on the street in flatiron

Also, happy belated birthday, bag! You turned 10 in May. This is the first one of my investment pieces to turn 10, although I recently had one other turn 10 and another turn 5 as well. And no one believes be when I talk about thinking of purchases in terms of 5, 10 and 30 years…

Apparently the bucket style is coming in again, too.

Hope you had an excellent weekend!



  1. says

    girl, i can totally relate to counting the years you get from your investment pieces! i only have a long striped top, as i’ve been reluctant to wear a dress…would hate to add unflattering emphasis to these hips. i really want one though! you look cool and polished as always.

  2. says

    OneWomansStyleE Slips definitely are magic. I wear slips all the time! My grandmother was born before 1920 and I was very familiar with slips, crinolines, etc. under all of my dresses. Additionally, she wore red lipstick well into her 80s, which is probably why I developed such a penchant for it when I was very young.

  3. OneWomansStyleE says

    SLIP… now that’s something we don’t see in the “credits” of a lot of fashion posts. I grew up with my Grandmother, ok well I am also from the generation that knows about those magical undergarments. I have two half ones that I have had for YEARS. I haven’t seen them in any stores though. Great outfit post and thanks for inspiring me to do a slip post.

  4. KimberleeVDW says

    That’s awesome you’ve had a bag for 10 years… shows it is worth investing in quality pieces. Bummer that the shirt is sheer though :( It’s cute!

  5. says

    Lyddiegal It’s hard to know! I’ve purchased much more inexpensive things that were more like 3 year pieces… but they were also a lot trendier than investment pieces should really be– I’m talking about a pastel pink and white leather hobo handbag, plaid pochette, etc. However, the pastel pink trench coat is the other item that had its 10th birthday recently. I think it helps to go for really classic pieces when thinking in terms of 10 and 30 years… the large version of this bag was designed in 1932!

  6. says

    Yay, stripes and gold, this is just what i love! sorry the dress is more sheer than you’d hoped. 
    glad your investment pieces are paying off! I honestly don’t know what I would invest in. how could I be sure i’d still love it just as much in 10 years?