Spring Leopard


Dear Nnenna,

I’m glad it’s finally (sort of)  getting a little bit (okay not really) springy here in New York. All I know is that I’ll be happy if it stops raining and breaks 50 degrees for more than three days straight. I’ve discovered that I definitely need to get some rain boots as waterproofing my usual boots isn’t cutting it anymore– they’re leaking around the seams and my toes are always wet. Of course, I also want to find semi-stylish ones, extra points if they can pass for regular streetwear. Let me know if you come across any?


  • Forever 21 jacket and skirt
  • Old Navy shirt
  • by boe necklace
  • AMY O. Jewelry rings
  • ZARA bag
  • Born boots
  • photos: Jaclyn | jax fifth avenue

I think it’s just been one of those long winters and I’m getting very tired of wearing the same clothing all the time. Especially the same shoes. And I love and want to wear my spring jackets, which haven’t gotten much use over the past few years with the seasons turning from winter to summer almost immediately.



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    i’ve been complaining right and left about having to wear the same clothes over and over again. the winter in central Texas definitely wore out its welcome. you know i love me some leopard, right?! and good luck with finding the perfect boots!

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    I hear ya. I’m over it!! lol Love the mix of army green and leopard :)

    P.S. Glad you’re alive lol feel like I haven’t talked to ya in forever. Hope school is going well!

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    I completely thought your sunglasses were a hairbow at first. NEED MORE CAFFEINE. We just backslid into cooler weather as well–I’m trying to cherish what might be the last few wears of my thigh-highs for the year, but I also just want to get back into shorts already. At least your leopard/black/olive combination looks great!

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    I agree with Lydia- the blog is looking good! I also do not have a pair of rainboots, so I usually just pull on my motorcycle boots or combat boots. I’m hoping it will just stop raining (although I’ll take rain over snow!).

    I love that necklace. The one you gave me is one of my favorite necklaces :)

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      I’ve been wishing it would just stop raining every time it rains… for about three years now.

      I think it’s just time to think about rain boots. Of course, all of my current boots are leaking, which is a problem with the giant puddles we’ve had lately. If you don’t have leaky boots then I think you’re doing okay!

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    Cute new blog design Alex! And yay for getting out the leopard maxi and some actual spring wear. I have a feeling this year will be no different though – we will jump from winter to summer as we always do. Case and point, see the snow this morning?