Snowy Winter Walk

snowy city

Dear Mia,

We’re getting quite a blizzard here so I’m planning on staying safely indoors until it passes through. This afternoon, I took the opportunity for one last walk (no taxis) before holing up in my apartment.

L.L.Bean’s shearling-lined Bean Boots are the perfect thing for a cold, snowy winter day. They have great traction and keep your feet dry. I wore a cashmere scarf and a warm coat, too.

L.L. Bean Boots in the snow

I’m hoping not to lose power tonight, but at least we have a gas stove so heating up food won’t be an issue. Does make me think about what I used to do during a blizzard before the internet… I did used to play outside for hours and hours, and of course there are always books.

Wish me luck! Stay warm.


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    I’m such a creature of warm weather, I have a hard time imagining trying to adapt to life with snow. Even non-blizzard proportions seem like they would make a big difference in functioning–shoveling, driving, taking a dog outside to poop. You make it look so beautiful here, though!

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    For some reason I love seeing snow falling down, its romantic moment when we’ve a moment like having coffee in the morning and looking out the window, but not storm especially I’m one of those people who stuck on the road and that the snow land:). And I was dealing with it for so many years.. No more!!!


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    I love the photo of the snowy Manhattan street- so surreal.
    It was fun watching the storm, worrying a bit about the homeless and hospitals should there be
    Power outages , and worried about my grown up children , too. Old habits die hard!

    Love your boots, finding a bit thAt keeps you feet dry in a storm like this is a minor miracle. I think I will check those out.

    Yes, what did we do before the Internet ?
    How my children loved the snow days , as. Did I !
    That said, I did make sure al of my devices were fully charge befor the storm !
    Glad we fared well ,, the weather hustlers were a bit nutty, but I think the city
    Handled things so well, getting the streets clear, and I am perhaps one of the few who tonight the travel ban a good idea..
    Anyway.. Happy non storm event,
    It was nice while it lasted!
    Xx, elle

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      Whoa that’s a crazy backorder! I’ve had these for years, but I remember looking at the white Bean Boots in the fall and seeing them out of stock until March.

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      Glad it won’t be too difficult for you to be out and about today! Thankfully we didn’t lose power, though the internet seems to be a bit iffy– I keep getting dropped connection notices.