Snapette Meet and Greet at Flying A

Last week, Snapette and The Bloggers’ Collective got together at Flying A, a SoHo boutique that carries a mix of contemporary and carefully curated vintage pieces. The decor inside is very cool and it’s definitely a shop I’ll visit again.

Snapette is an app that uses crowdsourced photos to provide a hyperlocal shopping experience to its users.

I snapped this clutch at Flying A with the app, and with Location Services turned on, I can see photos of products from other users at stores near my location. Pretty cool concept– something you’re looking for might be right across the street!

As someone who has a life goal of being an angel investor, I loved hearing about how Snapette was funded. Maybe one day I’ll be able to back a startup… sometime… in the distant future.

You can see me on the Snapette blog in photos from the event, but of course I took a few of my own.

Blogger friendship (blogship?) rings purchased from Flying A.

Nnenna‘s cool cat ears ring



  1. says

    Haha, I look so sheepish in that picture above! As always, great job covering the event. Seriously, when do you take these pictures? I hardly ever see you doing so until I see all the great shots on your blog!

  2. says

    That app sounds really cool, but probably only somewhere like NYC where there would be enough people using it. If I were to try in my town, I’m pretty sure I’d be the only one.