Sending off Lindsay with Brunch at Punch

Nnenna, Stéphanie, and our guest of honor and dear friend Lindsay (center) who has sadly moved away from New York.

It’s always difficult to send a friend off on the next adventure of her life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an afternoon get-together filled with light and laughter. And that’s exactly what happened one rainy Saturday in Flatiron.

We brunched on cocktails, a fantastic bread basket, and all kinds of fancy eggs at Punch Restaurant. Definitely added to my best brunches in New York list.

NnennaLindsay | Stéphanie | Alice | Nicole | Chris | Andrew | Tessa

Please come back and see us again soon, Lindsay!


  1. says

    don’t worry…Lindsay is safe here in Texas with me. we met and laughed while indulging in quiche a couple of days after she arrived. she’s a sweetheart. glad to have her as my newest “neighbor” and friend.

    btw – those B&Ws up there are the business!

    • says

      Awesome! I’m so glad!

      I love black and white photos… I actually toyed with the idea of making this blog be black and white photos only. Every so often I come back to the idea. It’s tempting!

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      I’ll send you some HQ versions that are suitable for print, too… these web ones look so crappy on Facebook. I think the image quality has actually gotten worse.