1. says

    Whoadang, you make that dress look INCREDIBLE! Also, this might be weirdly specific, but I really like the angle at which you caught the bride’s face–she has such an interesting, pretty nose.

  2. Elle berman says

    What stunning photos, I so appreciate artful photography and fine resolution. You have a great eye.You look stunning in the red dress lady! Pretty wedding dress. I love these glimpses from a perfect weekend. I like that you gave us only these and left it up to us to fill in the blanks !

    My weekend was good, too. I suppose, soon I will have some shots, too.

    XX, Elle

    • says

      Thank you, Elle! It was a great weekend.

      When it comes to blogging, photography is my strong suit (writing exhausts me). I’ve been developing my eye for more than ten years and I think I am finally starting to take more good photos than bad :)