Dressed-Up Denim Shorts

Dressed up summer shorts outfit: blue lace blouse, j.crew sunflower necklace, relaxed fit shorts

I don’t wear shorts very often because I feel like they de-age me by about ten years, which is something that I’m actually trying to avoid. Anyone else have the problem of appearing too young? Generally I think it’s most problematic in the workplace (clients don’t take you seriously, you can have difficulty establishing authority, etc.), but it can just be a problem, period. I’ve even had cashiers in stores ask me if I wanted to use my mother’s rewards account for purchases. Oy.

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Mixing It Up

Jachs New York Skylar Shirt and Reiss Hayden Circle Skirt

I hope you’ve been having a nice spring! Allergy season has been giving me trouble– I’ve been feeling generally foggy for the past few weeks. I am very pale with very dark circles lately. Is it just me or does it seem like a particularly allergy-prone spring? I don’t think my spring allergies have ever been this bad. Hopefully it’ll be less intense soon….

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Over the weekend I got to catch up with a few friends over dinner and dessert in the East Village! We even have an Instagram-official selfie.

It was fun to be back in my old neighborhood. I really haven’t been back since I moved, which seems totally shocking. Maybe I’m settling into the quiet life in New Jersey.

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Winter Black + White Ikat

SIXTYSEVEN ikat ankle boots

These black and white ikat boots brightened up my winter. Found late fall of last year, they were a total steal at $39.99 in an Anthropologie sale bin. I haven’t been wearing them much lately on account of all the snow, but hopefully they’ll be back in regular rotation again this spring. These boots aren’t available online any more, so they must have been a past season style. I haven’t seen any more ikat boots of any kind lately either. …

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The Holiday Brunch

Vintage inspired brunch outfit

Dear Silvergirl,

I hope December’s treated you well so far. I was glad to have a short trip to the UK and returned to just in time to welcome the new month. I gave myself extra time for wandering London and picked up this skirt at ZARA during a free afternoon. The length’s a bit difficult, but I enjoy the shape and slight vintage flair. And it’ll always remind me of London.

On this particular day, Kim and I met for a relaxing brunch– probably the last one before holiday season overtakes us all. December is one of the best months in New York, but this year I’m not feeling very cheery or Christmasy. Maybe it’s missing Thanksgiving, or too much upheaval, or maybe too many sad stories in the news…

Or maybe it’s just that too many people are gone.

Normally I love gift-giving and party-going and holiday sparkle, but this year I am just tired.

Zara skirt, Wolford tights, vintage Ferragamo Vara


Is it me, or has it been an unseasonably windy fall here in New York? I don’t remember heavy winds as typically being too much of a problem until January and February, although I also haven’t had my hair cut close to my shoulders in five years or so.

Stay warm and un-windblown.

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The Chambray Shirt + Happy Thanksgiving!

J.Crew Chambray Shirt and Black Skirt | Fall Fashion

Dear Dotty,

The warmth of fall days is coming to a close and I think it will soon be officially winter in December. I didn’t go all the way through until no tights until December, but there’s always next year (and a hope for no fall snowstorms).

I’ll be offline for some time this week. Current events are making me sad and more than a bit thoughtful. Last night was bad. A sad, sad reminder of everything I never liked about politics and government. And many other things. I’m due for a bit of wandering and am planning on spending some time out in the wild with my thoughts and one or two of my cameras.

And by wild, I mean major metropolitan city.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with laughter and all that’s important. If you find yourself settling in for a bit of extra reading, I’ve recently been interviewed for Re-Mix-Her. Re-Mix-Her is written by Caitlin, a blogging friend of mine from the early days (hello tumblr!). Friends are important, and Thanksgiving is a good time to think about everything and everyone in your life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.05.35 PM

Happy holidays. I hope you are safe and loved.

Trench Coat Weather

Trench coat and oversized square scarf | Fall fashion

Dear Caitlin,

It’s currently pretty much my favorite time of year (except for snow) because it’s trench coat weather again! Trench coats are good for spring and fall, but not so great for summer and winter. And perfect trench coat weather seems all too rare. It always seems to go right from burning to freezing!

As for me, I’m attempting to do no tights until December. I don’t know if I’ll last through the end of the week, but I’m going to give it a go.

Summer to fall fashion

This dress is a little short, but otherwise I like it. Nothing a long slip can’t fix. It’s a fairly recent impulse buy (separates! I need separates!) from Forever 21 and still available.

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Club Monaco trench coat [ fall 2012 ]

Burberry scarf [ current ] [ fall 2012 ]

Forever 21 dress  [ current ] + bag [ spring 2013? ]

Sergio Rossi boots [ similar ]

Polka Dots + Fall Weekend

Vintage-inspired fall fashion

Dear Kimberlee,

We might be firmly entrenched in fall, but all that means is I’m holding onto bare legs and no jackets all the harder. Doing no tights until November is practically a point of pride now that I’ve been doing it for the past three years. So far it’s been mild, so maybe I’ll even do no tights until December again!

I feel like I wear sunglasses in photos a lot. Probably too much. I omitted them on this partly cloudy day.

And then the sun came out and hit me in the eyes. And I did not put my sunglasses on because I am stubborn.

Vintage-inspired fall fashion | Equipment shirt | eShakti skirt
Vintage-inspired fall fashion

I hope you’re enjoying the last warmish days before it’s time for coat and scarf weather!

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How to Wear A Summer Maxi Dress for Fall

How to wear a light summer maxi dress during fall | summer to fall transition outfit

Dear Shanondoah,

I don’t know about you, but I’m still holding on to some of my summer dresses. October? What? When did that happen? Luckily we’ve been having good fall weather. Most days I go out with a jacket but don’t actually wear it, which means I can definitely still get away with a chiffon maxi dress. Not all of my summer dresses are suitable for early fall, but this one has a season-neutral print in darker colors. Not so difficult to transition with a loose, dark sweater and burgundy bag.

My eyes are definitely only half-open in every photo. Sometimes you just have those weeks that completely wipe you out. Next time I’ll put on my matching red sunglasses.

How to wear a light summer maxi dress during fall

I love that this dress is split in the front. Makes taking long strides and walking up stairs a total breeze! Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. I’m planning on sleeping in :)

Fall Weekend + Shopping My Current Closet

Wearing a Military inspired jacket and blue leather dress to brunch

Dear Brenna,

Over the weekend I met Kim (she took this photo) for an awesome brunch. Of course, I wore a blue leather dress. This is a favorite one I got last fall at Reiss and is a true A-line, a less common shape for leather these days. I can’t wear it in the summer (too hot!), so I’m making sure it goes into regular rotation this fall. However, I don’t love the ankle boots with the rest of the outfit here. They’re not in style any more, but I can really picture gold glitter ankle boots with this dress and jacket.

Lately I’ve been going through a lot of my old things, in particular the clothing I’ve stored away. I’ve decided that this season, instead of purchasing new clothing I’m going to begin wearing all of my current pieces. Everything. Including the evening dresses. Adding the evening dresses will be a good challenge as I don’t normally wear them outside of formal events. I generally don’t believe in saving clothing for an occasion: I could outgrow it or the style could fade, and then I would be sad. I’d rather have worn the dress than not, you know?

…We’ll see where this experiment leads— likely to increased dry cleaning bills. And more shoes. I am not restricting purchases of shoes and to an extent, accessories. Shoes wear out so quickly in New York. I have mine redone with Vibram soles because I dislike having to replace things I love, but after a while there’s just no saving some of them. And also, I did a bit of thrifting and found a few good things (shoes) for fall. I’m into tall boots (and 1995) again, so those will definitely be happening this season.

Have you made any interesting new decisions this fall? I feel like I just made a clothing resolution along the lines of a New Year’s resolution.

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