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Nail Rock Nail Wraps in black and gold. Full kit includes nail decals, nail polish remover wipe, mini nail file and orangewood stick.

Dear Laura,

I’ve been holding on to these Nail Rock Nail Wraps for a while because they’re pretty bold. I tend to go for simple as I don’t do nail art– can’t ever get it to turn out. Also, I’m impatient. Stripes are about all I handle when it comes to time and difficulty. Nail decals are great for me because they already have fun designs and they’re easy to use.


I was concerned that the wrap sizes wouldn’t fit my nails well, but these really worked for me. I didn’t have to trim them and the sizes I chose completely covered or almost completely covered my nails from side to side. I ended up with some left over that I can trim and use for accent nails.




Putting them on was really easy. I took off my old polish with the provided polish removing wipe, then carefully placed the wrap. Then I used the nail file to remove the excess. I ended up with a few wrinkles on some nails. However, it’s easy to reposition the wraps. It’s hard to see the wrinkles on the patterned wraps anyway.



These wraps lasted a solid week and probably would have gone longer with a little bit of nail glue to paste down the loose edges. Interestingly, mine started peeling up at the nail bed first instead of at the tip. The only thing I didn’t love about the Nail Rock Nail Wraps is that I thought they made my nails dry. Maybe nails can’t breathe when they’re on?

I’m pretty sure I got these in a Birchbox, but it could also have been a Lucky FABB gift bag. Nail Rock Nail Wraps are currently $7.50 from and there’s currently a similar gold and black pattern available, too.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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      These were easy to get on! They’re just like stickers. However, I’ve heard that the nail decals that are made out of paper (or cotton? something like that) are really difficult to do without wrinkles. I guess it’s best to play it safe with a pattern. That way the mess ups won’t show as much!

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    I’m with you on keeping nails simple. The designs are fun but many are over the top. I had some leopard strips I held on to for well over a year before finally trying them out. I was disappointed to find it took just as long for me to get them on as it takes for a traditional manni (save drying time). Maybe I just lack technique.