momofuku noodle bar | Lunch

I’ll never be over these pork buns. In fact, I could probably just eat pork buns as a meal.

My parents stopped in for a brief visit and I wanted to take them somewhere cool. It was between noodle bar and ssäm bar, but it’s hard to get ramen in the suburbs. My favorite momofuku restaurant is still ssäm bar, although there are few things equivalent to a good bowl of pork ramen. I hear the vegetable ramen (bottom right) is fantastic, though. And… well, I definitely wouldn’t say no to tomatoes in my soup.

Since it’s famous and a billion people know about it these days, the place is almost always packed. Reservations are only available for the fried chicken (you need 4+ and I’ve never had it, so does anyone want to go with me?). Best times to go are lunch or right at 5:30 when they open for dinner.

momofuku noodle bar is located at 171 1st Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets.


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    mmm mmm… that looks so good. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been there but it looks and sounds familiar. I’d like to experience this place (again maybe) one day. I can definitely go for some pork buns and ramen.

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    mmm….pork ramen. i had my first bowl in kyoto and every other bowl has paled in comparison. maybe i should’ve started with lower quality, so i wouldn’t be disappointed every time! and i totes agree with busting out a dslr in a restaurant…even though i’m tempted to do so when the food looks pretty and yummy like this!

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    Alex. please don’t tell anyone i shared this with you, but i love me some Ramen. the cheap kind from the grocery store so i KNOW i could get down with the authentic stuff! the problem is that i wouldn’t know what to get. if you give me too many choices – i choke. pun intended.

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      Oh please. I’ll admit to liking the 10¢ ramen from the store, too…

      There are only three different kinds offered at noodle bar (pork, chicken, vegetable), so you’d probably be okay!