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what to wear to a bridal shower

I wore this to a recent bridal shower on a day that I wasn’t really feeling another of my summer dresses. Over the past few months I haven’t posted very many outfits, and part of the reason is that I’ve purchased very few things. Spring 2015 trends didn’t have much to offer me both body type and personal style-wise.

My mother and grandmother were both conservative dressers, and I personally just don’t wear crop tops, backless dresses, and shirts with large cut outs. And crop tops, backless dresses, and cut outs are about 99% of what’s been available lately. I feel like many of those styles are too young for me.

This top is Zara from 2011, and it has served me well over the years. The Reiss skirt is recent and still available. It also comes in navy, which I tried on in the store and am half-tempted to go back for. Reiss has steadily been replacing J.Crew in my affections. It is not inexpensive, so it’s best to make purchases on sale, but the quality and tailoring are excellent (two things I liked about the old J.Crew).


A centerpiece from the shower. I love a good mason jar, and these flowers are the perfect color to celebrate an upcoming fall wedding.

bridal shower bingo

We also played fill-in-your-own-card bridal shower bingo. Despite my table’s best efforts at cheating (totally looked at the registry), I did not even come close to winning. When I think back to all the bridal shower games I’ve played, I don’t think I’ve ever won any of them. In fact, I think the winners are usually the great-grandmas and great-aunts.

Maybe I just haven’t been to enough showers and weddings yet.


  • Zara shirt [2011]
  • Reiss Elsa skirt [current]
  • Franco Sarto wedges [DSW] [bridesmaid shoes from another wedding]
  • belt from Anthropologie [I forget the designer] [current]
  • my beloved old Neverfull MM [2008]


  1. Elle berman says

    Alex, I appreciate your style and your sensibility. I do love this outfit and the Skirt is very special. I think you should buy the navy skirt. I think it would serve you well and look very beautiful on you.
    I am also not fond of cutouts. I was pleased to see so many pretty florals this summer, but I agree the season was a bit lack luster . Fall is looking good though.
    bridal bingo sounds like fun.
    I enjoyed this post ,
    Xx, Elle

  2. says

    *hides new crop top purchases* lol I feel ya. J.Crew is working on getting their old swag back so hopefully you’ll find some things :)

    Never seen you in such a ladylike skirt ;) Love it!

  3. says

    That skirt does look perfect for a bridal shower, and I love it when you’ve got a classic go-to item in your closet. While I’m with you on being a more conservative dresser, I’ve been having fun experimenting with crop tops and cut outs this summer. I used to never even wear shorts, so I feel like I need to step out of my comfort zone and see what I like.

    Chic on the Cheap

    • says

      Thank you! That is so kind of you. Reiss makes very nice things, so I can’t believe they don’t do more advertising. More people should know about them!

  4. says

    ooooh that skirt. I am totally digging it, especially with the cinched waist and belt. LOVELY. I am totally with you on this year’s “trends”– I don’t necessarily think they’re too “young” as much as I don’t think they’re “me”. Or maybe I’m in denial about my age.

    • says

      Yes the trends lately are just not for me. I was so glad to find this skirt. If skirts are floaty I prefer them to be longer, and this one is the perfect length.