I’m Not Looking at You

navy h&m dress

It’s another exposed zipper! I must be on a zipper kick lately. For some reason I didn’t look at the camera in any of the photos I took. I was trying to do creative-but-normal poses and I guess that means no looking at the camera.

I’m wearing my Clarks granny sandals and this H&M dress that I love… but I don’t love on me. I’ve realized that that I really like dresses to have sleeves when the neckline is so high– balances my shoulders and height better. This dress is up for trade if anyone wants it! I’m planning on clearing out a few things from my closet so I might make a page of things to trade like Those Tricks, you can see things she wants to trade here. I’m still working on that dress you sent me, Stephanie! I haven’t forgotten about it… I am just not that good at alterations.


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    High necklines can drive me crazy, too, although sometimes that’s just because I can feel it encroaching upon my neck. That color is gorgeous on you, though–if you end up swapping this dress, I hope you have some more pieces in that hue!

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    I’d be willing to give the dress a try though – is there anything in my blog shop you’d like to trade for?
    I have a couple weddings this fall… it could totally work…

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    I’m definitely into trading things. So far I’ve only traded once… and I haven’t even worn my ‘new’ thing yet, because it’s a long sleeve blouse and long sleeves are not welcome right now.

    I do understand the high neckline issue – sometimes I feel completely disproportionate in one and MUST wear a necklace to draw the eyes back down (a la yesterday)