Grey, Gold, and a Lydia Skirt

Dear Shen Dove,

It’s looking a little Wendy’s Lookbook here today, but actually I just thought it would be a fantastic idea to use a bench instead of a tripod. It’s not. Unless you have a GorillaPod, and I do, except… yeah. Forgot it in Pennsylvania. I could straighten the photos in Aperture, but what would be the fun in that?

Isn’t this skirt delightful? It’s a Lydia Abaté original. Lydia and I had talked about her making skirts for me for so long, and it finally happened (i.e. I finally found a good fabric). This blue skirt is a copy of her often seen red skirt, but a little longer. I have a copy of her red skirt too and can’t wait to wear it this spring.

I’m wearing an Ann Taylor blazer and shirt, skirt made by Lydia, J.Crew belt, Ann Taylor shoes (the pointed toe version), and Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea). Target bag still being precariously carried, but will be retired from service soon.



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      Ah yes, there was no way I was leaving the store without them. They were 40% off. Not going to get much better than that. The sales associate was so nice and even gave me a little heel grip for the left one– my right foot is a full half size larger than the left. 

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    Ohhh, yay, the skirt! I love it with the grey and gold and the snake pumps!

    Your slanted photographs are quite fun – lately i’ve been super anal about photo straightness and spend forever tinkering with the settings until it feels perfectly straight. Maybe I should just be reckless and embrace some crookedness.

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      I’ve actually been wearing it more, but it rained, and then it was basically tornado weather. So yeah. no photos. You should take some crooked photos! I was going to straighten them out, but decided I like them this way. 

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      I know, wish I could sew! I’ve tried, even had classes… but it’s just something I’m really not that good at. If I could, I’d make all my clothes. Saves on alterations!