A Close Look at a Favorite Skirt

This is another Visual FBFF from Fashion Beauty Friend Friday. This week it’s hosted by Ashley Getting Dressed and we’re taking a close look at a favorite clothing item. This is one of my favorite skirts, the label is TINY and it’s from Anthropologie. It’s a fairly current from Spring 2011 although it’s no longer available.

The yellow embroidery is my favorite part, followed by the smooth and floaty cotton voile. I also like the gathered panel centered on the waistband. I hung it in a tree to photograph it because I felt like that was something Anthropologie-y to do. A tree that it had rained on earlier. Not my brightest idea, I admit, but the skirt came out fine.

Have a good weekend, friends! If you’re going to be hit by the hurricane then stay safe and don’t go swimming– I did once two days before being evacuated and spent an hour being pulled out into the middle of the ocean. I’m planning on charging all my electronic devices, turning on HBO, and hiding under a blanket.

My favorite outfit with this skirt is from June 5th, 2011. I’m up so late doing this post that it’s past midnight, so I guess I’ll be heading over to Ashley Getting Dressed to post it now!


  1. says

    Oh, the details are so gorgeous! Very good macro shots–you’re really selling me on the garment, haha. (Especially when you pair it with that…pinkish? Salmon? whatever-colored top, it’s a great combination!)

    Hope you’re doing well post-hurricane and that you got a lot of HBO-watching in.

    • says

      I wish I had the macro lens from work to take some really close details… one day I’ll have to ask to borrow it. The hurricane passed through rather quickly. The biggest problem here is flooding :(

  2. says

    I really love this skirt, the design is so pretty, and the soft yellow makes it wonderful for summer, and spring, and definitely early fall as well.

    I’ve done things akin to putting the skirt in the wet tree… sometimes i wonder if my brain works at all some days…

  3. Anonymous says

    You’re anthro-obsessive, Alex. I’ve never seen the store, but i love what i see on your and other blogs. That yellow embroidery is subtle and lovely.

    • says

      The Anthropologie stores are very cool, none of them use the same decorating. They do tend to be overpriced though, a store with a good sale section counts for major points. 

      The embroidery reminds me of stained glass windows!