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fashion blogger outfit forever 21 military inspired jacket, ikat dress and tall boots

Dear Christine,

It can no longer be avoided– fall jacket weather is definitely here to stay. I’m not totally giving in to winter yet, though. No tights until December! I’ll have made it three years in a row if I make it to December without wearing tights this year.

I’m going for it. It held in the 60s and 70s until recently, so hopefully it won’t be freezing immediately. If not, I’ll just have to wear… pants. Shocking, I know. 

new york city fall fashion forever 21 military inspired jacket, ikat dress and tall boots

This crazy magenta scarf goes with a surprising number of other colors. I’ve always thought it was a great fall piece, but I’m not sure Otrera is making them any more :(



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      It’s getting dark far too early these days. Far, far too early. These photos were taken with a 35mm camera, which definitely helps because it picks up more detail than my APS-C. I pushed up the ISO and opened the aperture a whole lot, too. I improved my night photography through good old trial and error and I still think that’s the best way!

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    Haha, I’m betting it’s warmer here in CA than it is in NYC, but I’ve already pulled out tights a couple of times. I am not one to put up with even the slightest bit of cold without lots of complaining/huddling, so it’s really for the best. Anyway, I love this whole look! The shape of the boots, the way the scarf and dress go together.

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    I love the dress and scarf combo, and knee high boots are always good to keep a little more warm sans tights.

    I’ve been avoiding them as well, however I’ve been wearing lots of pants. lots and lots.