A Christmas Ornament Story

crushed velvet moose christmas ornament

Dear Nnenna,

It’s actually been years since I’ve decorated a Christmas tree. Trees are nice, but the best part of decorating them is that I’ve attached a memory to almost every ornament. Even if I didn’t have a tree and just sorted through the ornaments, I would like recalling those memories up.

When I was younger, I used to like to make the animal ornaments look like part of a scene. So this year, I made the moose ornament look like it was walking on a tree branch. I liked to cluster animals together, too, so they had friends to talk to when I went to sleep at night.

the tree

Decorating in progress.


mouse in a walnut christmas tree ornament

The mouse in a walnut shell has always been my favorite ornament.


two angel ornaments from the 1990s

Angel besties.


pointe shoe ornament signed by margaret tracey hanging on the tree

I used to dance. When I was very young, I asked Margaret Tracey to sign this shoe.


casual christmas eve outfit by the fireplace

With the fully-decorated tree. I missed that tacky pink fish. She has a matching green friend.


I tried a casual Christmas Eve this year– black jeans, boots, a long sweater. My family’s Christmas celebrations were never casual until I was much older. I had a Christmas dress every year until middle school, I think.

The jeans just made me uncomfortable. Next year I’ll wear a skirt. I’m still holding out on finding a black and red tartan ball gown skirt– I’d wear it every year at Christmas for the rest of my life.


  1. says

    I liked to cluster animals together, too, so they had friends to talk to when I went to sleep at night.

    THAT IS SO STINKIN’ CUTE. I only have three Christmas ornaments of my own now and not much desire to put up a whole tree most years (a wreath works just fine for the ornaments and the pine smell), but I have such a burning desire now to assemble a whole team of animal ornaments and pretend they’re all best friends. AAAHHHHH.

    • says

      I have one ornament in my apartment… so needless to say, I never decorate for Christmas. I keep saying that one year I’ll get lights or something. And a garland for the fireplace. Maybe next year?

  2. says

    I love decorating the tree and looking at all the ornaments collected over the years. They really do hold so many memories, and I especially love the ones from my childhood.

    I’m not fond of casual christmas either – I want everyone to get dressed up! It’s a holiday!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. says

    Prior to this year, it had been ages since I decorated a Christmas tree too! This year my family left it rather late, but it was ok since I was able to decorate with everyone once we were all home. I loved these pictures of your ornaments, particularly the ballerina shoe!

  4. Elle says

    I love the story is so sweet that you were so kind about keeping them together that speaks well of how you think your self as a social person. I think you look nicein this casual denim outfit,but I understand how you wouldn’t want to wear the red plaid ball gown..
    If I see any in my travels, I will holler!
    Xx elle