Things You Didn’t Know: Beauty Blogger Edition

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Dear Christine,

Except for a slight two-year hiatus in college, I’ve been blogging in some form or another since 1998. First, it was Xanga. Then I started building my own websites on Angelfire.

It’s a common misconception that I started out as a personal style blogger.

My first top-level domain blog was a beauty blog called All In The Name of Beauty. I don’t remember how I did it, but I somehow got the domain name for free. I was 12 or 13 when it launched.

All In The Name of Beauty had exactly three files. It was a single page website and each post had to be typed directly into the index.html file.

shimmer brown eyeshadow | beauty

Back then, I wrote in HTML and CSS. I also created tons of useless features (glitter mouse trails, anyone?) in JavaScript. I think I had falling snow script during the winter, too.

Ahh the bad old days. Sometimes my older classmates and I reminisce about the time when the internet used to be like the wild wild west.

I frequently seem to go in circles. I was a beauty blogger in the 90s, and then I came back around to it in 2012. I made websites in the 90s and came back around to it in 2013. Wonder what I’ll be doing in 2020? Back to figure skating? Equestrian?

eyes in the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-con Palette |Beauty

The last Things You Didn’t Know was quite a while ago– I talked about winter! What’s a fun fact I don’t know about you?


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    Is the website still there? lol I worked at Xanga so I can relate. Even in the 5 years of having my blog, I’ve seen blogging/the internet change so much. Would love to see you ice skating!

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    Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I also didn’t know you had a beauty blog before! (That golden pigment looks amazing, by the way!)

    Have the best weekend ever,

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    I feel nostalgic about those web 1.0 blogs. They were design and animation rich albeit some problems. I am already bored of these clean and minimalist web 2.0 designs. Started blogging in 90’s itself? That’s great.

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    I am so impressed by yoiur technical abilities, and your writing as well. I can’t believe you created a website at age 12.. Did I read that correctly? I truly am in awe of someone who has masterd so much of what I see as an esoteric field .But this is all new to me..
    Things you don’t know.. I had an off price buying office in the eighties, with my dad and sister, so I was professional ( bargain ) buyer for many years. I have a twin. I make jewelery, can paint a little, and did mosaic work for many years. I also like to write poetry.
    There, those are six things ..I guess you can say, I am a good sharer, so now that is 7…
    Happy week dear Alex.
    XX, Elle

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      Back in the day making a website was fairly simple and I am sure you could learn how to do it now if you need a new hobby! There are a lot of free resources like Treehouse, Codecademy, etc.

      I can believe you were a professional bargain buyer! You’re an amazing shopper and have such a well-defined sense of style.