Beauty & Essex | New York

the front door at beauty and essex in the les new york

Dear Shen Dove,

Beauty & Essex is a great place to eat (I’ve never had anything I didn’t like), try some interesting cocktails, and have a little fun. It has one of those totally unassuming fronts that are common with some of the popular spots in New York. In fact, the front room is a pawn shop filled with a lot of cool vintage finds. You can purchase anything in there that’s for sale.

I’ve always wondered if people wander in there with no idea that there’s a restaurant/club in the back.

beauty and essex pawn shop entryway and skylight

Looking out from inside the pawn shop | Dining room skylight

shared small plates for dinner at beauty and essex

Meals are best shared: Tuna Poke Wonton Tacos | Asian Spice Rubbed Pork Ribs | New York Pretzel

desserts at beauty and essex

Sorbet | Molten Chocolate Bread Pudding

Dinner can quickly become pricey, but brunch is less so. As long as you don’t go through the entire cocktail menu. Not that that would happen to a large group of people. Ever.

Beauty and Essex is located in the Lower East Side at 146 Essex Street (Stanton and Rivington). Make a reservation here.


P.S. They serve complimentary pink champagne in the women’s lounge downstairs. You’re welcome.


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