Light + Dark

what to wear to a bridal shower

I wore this to a recent bridal shower on a day that I wasn’t really feeling another of my summer dresses. Over the past few months I haven’t posted very many outfits, and part of the reason is that I’ve purchased very few things. Spring 2015 trends didn’t have much to offer me both body type and personal style-wise.

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Ghosts of Summers Past


I take a lot of photos because I like to keep them around as memories. However, I never seem to look back through them as often as I think I will (or as often as I would like).

And as my memory gets longer, events tend to blur together. Did that happen a year ago? Three? Five?


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Dressed-Up Denim Shorts

Dressed up summer shorts outfit: blue lace blouse, j.crew sunflower necklace, relaxed fit shorts

I don’t wear shorts very often because I feel like they de-age me by about ten years, which is something that I’m actually trying to avoid. Anyone else have the problem of appearing too young? Generally I think it’s most problematic in the workplace (clients don’t take you seriously, you can have difficulty establishing authority, etc.), but it can just be a problem, period. I’ve even had cashiers in stores ask me if I wanted to use my mother’s rewards account for purchases. Oy.

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Independence Day Weekend Photo Diary

in front of the surf bar

A breezy, beachy weekend filled with food and sand. I always appreciate time to travel and spend outdoors during the summer. Only thing you have to worry about is the sunburn. I’m out of my favorite Neutrogena Dry-Touch, but a while ago I got a sample of Supergoop’s mineral sunscreen in a gift bag and it worked well for me.

I had a serious red, white and blue theme going on… so much that during the day I even wore pink lipstick instead of my usual red. For a lot of occasions I do like pink more than red during the summer. Pink always seems more fresh and modern to me on a hot summer day.

Hope you enjoy all of my photos!

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5 Summer Beauty Favorites

five summer beauty favorites

I hope your summer is off to a fantastic start! June feels like spring to me any more, so I usually don’t start to feel like it’s actually summer until July. I always switch up my beauty products a bit when full summer is upon us. I always know it’s here when my hair grows to twice its size and I start going through five oil blotting sheets before the end of each day.

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