At Last

Last week I finally went out in bare legs for the first time.  I started off in nude fishnets because it was definitely not warm when I left, but later on the weather became more pleasant.  I just wish it would stop raining.  Yesterday it rained while it was being sunny… I guess that’s better than raining and dreary?

This blue/yellow (okay, this is navy) combination is one of my favorites.  I’ve seen it on a lot of people lately so I decided to break out my blue and yellow too, although I usually prefer a the lighter blue of my long Free People shirt.  That’s my favorite blue combination with this skirt ever.  I also rediscovered Nine West, definitely haven’t had a pair of their shoes in forever!

I’m so pale after the long winter and dreary spring.  Might be time to break out the Mystic!  Also if you’re using Chrome sorry about the color issues, I’m going to try to fix it tonight.


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      Thanks! Yeah it really came out bright, I actually think it was the overcast day– colors look so much richer in that kind of light, don’t you think? The belt’s actually Charlotte Russe and is my least expensive but most favorite!

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    I LOVE this outfit! Mustard and navy is one of my fave combos. Add some turquoise and I’m really in love…
    Plus, I love that all the pieces have their own unique texture; the pleated top, the design at the hem of the skirt, the woven belt, the strappy sandals… so good.

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      Yeah you totally just wore mustard and yellow, and so did Caitlin, and someone else too but I just can’t remember. Totally jumping on the mustard and navy train. I love all of these pieces individually so I thought why not throw them all together?