A Weekend in Pieces

I didn’t want to drag my camera to 190th St (it’s so far up it’s practically a day trip) so all I have are some Hipstamatic photos.  Lydia took some great ones in April… mine did not come out that well in any of the lighting setups I tried.  iPhone needs a remote control and a stand so I can fire Hipstamatic from a distance… what, doesn’t that sound like a good idea to you?  On Sunday I went to Fort Tryon Park, that’s where these outfit photos were taken…

…it was nice, but honestly, I like my city.  If I wanted to live in the woods I would live in the woods.  I find tall buildings and the rush of the streets refreshing.

I know.

I’m a freak.

Greetings, earthlings?


I also visited Shake Shack.  Aren’t the lights nice?  The line was insane though, I’m never doing that again.

Momofuku again, Noodle Bar and Milk Bar.  Tried some new cookies but chocolate chocolate are still the best in my opinion.

And Waterside Plaza.  I don’t tan, but still ended up massively overheated in the shade.  I’m kind of missing spring, you know?  We just had a conversation over happy hour about not being able to wear spring jackets… maybe next year?


  1. says

    There is an inherent problem with spring and fall. there is usually only about one actual week of each when you get to enjoy the kind of weather you expect it to have. Ya Know?

    And I though, there has to at least be an app out there with a self timer for the iphone — which there is but not so much for hipstamatic.

    and I think city scapes are more interesting than trees, for the most part.
    the water side plaza looks like it would be good for outfit photos!

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    MAXI DRESS!!! I love it! Looks like you had fun exploring. And no worries – you’re not a freak for loving the city life. My hometown is in the woods, and I live in the midst of many, many cornfields. I can’t wait until I’m done with undergrad to move to a city!