A Halfway Decent Twirl Photo for Once

January 6, 2012
Dear Silvergirl,

Have you worn your pink skirt yet? It twirls so well! However, the stripes of my shirt are definitely visible through it in some photos (eek!), so beware of patterns.

I caught the light at such a beautiful time. The sunsets have been really nice lately, so I’ve taken to walking around 5 or so most days. Well, at least as long as the weather permits.

I’m wearing my Ann Taylor shirt, Old Navy skirt, Forever 21 belt, Betsey Johnson tights, Stuart Weitzman Forsure pumps.



  1. says

    Favorite outfit ever. I’m not even kidding. I’m going to be pinning this at least twice on my boards. Everything about this is great – the stripes, the pleats, the color!

  2. says

    You know, when I first think of “Alex” I think of someone who (very stylishly) wears mostly black, but then I look back through your blog and realize there’s a lot of color there too! What a great pink, and what a great first photo–the light is gorgeous and you look so serene (a talent I have yet to master in my own twirling photos).

    • says

      Yes, there is actually quite a lot of color (mostly yellow and pink)… though not lately. I think I get the best twirl photos when I don’t look at the camera. My expression seems a lot less odd when I close my eyes or look at my feet. 

  3. Skinny Moonstick says

    How pretty!!! Loving your pink skirt- it makes me so cheery happy! And the stripes are a perfect little touch to this cute look! You look exceptionally lovely!
    Good luck!


  4. Katy_rose1 says

    Love this skirt! The color is fabulous and the twirl is perfect. I need to be on the lookout for something similar. Love this on you. – Katy

  5. says

    Eeek, I love your twirl photo!  And I think this skirt is just gorgeous on you- that’s why I chose the picture from an older outfit post for my blogroll! :)

    • says

      Twirl photos are so hard! I took so many. If you wear something twirly one day I’ll take photos of you, I think it’s easier that way. I like how you’ve done your blogroll! I should post mine, it’s been in progress forever. 

  6. says

    I feel like the sunsets are always so much more beautiful here in the winter – I don’t know just the position of the earth to the sun or something? It’s a little sad that it’s usually too cold to enjoy them.

    Love that you’ve diverted from your norm with both pattern AND color!

    • says

      I think it’s the angle of the sun, and I think sunsets are actually more golden in the winter, but I could totally be making that up. By now I think it’s usually too snowy to enjoy them, but all I’ve got here is rain.