Your Socks Are Showing

10.24.10 – Sunday – Brunch/Theatre

I posted out of order because of Halloween so now I’m resuming regular, in order of appearance photos!  Last week it was still warm enough to go out with bare legs and I had to take the sweater off eventually because I was too hot.  I guess bare leg weather is over now, it didn’t even break fifty degrees today.  This sweater is really old, maybe five or six years old?  I’m trying to decide to keep it or give it away.  It’s huge, and so heavy that it actually doesn’t stay on.  I think it actually weighs about six pounds and is bigger than a standard pillow when folded up!  I think I wear it about once a year… so it may be time for it to go.  

I’ve never really done socks sticking out of shoes before, not even the socks and sandals trend.  I actually have all these tall socks for underneath boots but I hardly ever use them/never pull them up out of boots.  I discovered I like it though, and maybe next time I’ll try it with tights?  

P. S. Any thoughts on the blog header?  I’m not really sure that I like it, I can’t seem to get the lettering to stand out without resorting to neon colors, and I honestly feel redundant on the header and then in the photos.  I might change it to a photo without me in it.  What do you think about photo headers?  

Free People huge monster sweater, Free People dress, Charlotte Russe belt, Gap socks, Frye boots, Cole Haan wristlet.