When Bloggers go to Blogger Events in Alexander Wang

Dear Shen Dove,

On Friday I was lucky enough to get together with fashion bloggers Katy, Nnenna, and Jamillah! We went out to two fun fashion week events. You might remember that we met in person for the first time last September and were together for the first Bloggers Night Out. For F/W 2012 we added the Lulu*s Style Studio event to our plans. We picked up loads of fun free products before heading uptown to Bloggers Night Out, which had an unbelievable turnout. It was so packed! I’m so glad we didn’t check our coats. Definitely the longest line of the night.

I originally planned on wearing my 4.5 inch heels, but my knee injury started feeling weird in the middle of the day so I ended up in my often-photographed MIA ankle boots again. It started snowing while we were out so the boots ended up being an excellent choice (they have little treads on the bottom). I’m wearing my Alexander Wang Dress (F/W 2011, sold out at Net-a-Porter where I got it during the post-holiday sale), Forever 21 belt (old favorite), Assets by Sara Blakely tights, and MIA ankle boots.

This is also my submission for Bloggers Do It Better: Red! I don’t often wear red clothing, but red lipstick is definitely becoming my go-to lip color. In the past few months it’s been edging out the pink I used to favor. I use Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Lip in Red 8C. It’s by far the best red I’ve ever used and my favorite.


For a few more photos (including inside the gift bags)–

Spring preview! Clothes from Marshalls/TJMaxx at BNO.

The back of my dress.

Left: Lulu*s was definitely the place to be for product samples. Right: A few things inside the BNO bags. Check my Instagrid for more!

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  • marianne m

    looooooooooove the drapes of that black dress

  • http://readinginskirts.wordpress.com/ Mia

    Agreed with Unapologetically Mundane–the framing on that second picture is fantastic! I think it makes me think of reading Anna Karenina in college? I’m pretty sure I wrote a close-reading paper on the outfit she wears to a party, which includes a black dress and red lips and everybody being like “ahhh, she’s so dangerously sexy, ahhh.” I obviously remember Anna Karenina line-for-line.

    • http://delayedmissives.com/ Alex Elizabeth

      I’ve been trying to do more with my photography lately other than the old stand there and take photo pose. That’s the only photo that came out of my new style-y poses. The rest all look ridiculous. I wish I remembered Anna Karenina like that! I can barely even remember the plot, but that happens with most books I read. 

  • http://www.unapologeticallymundane.com/ Unapologetically Mundane

    I forget where I saw you.  Commenting on another blog?  Getting a shoutout from another blogger?  Oh, well.  Anyway, that second picture with the open back and the lipstick just in view is beautiful.  Are you in the Stuyvesant apartment area?  Looks familiar (and pretty).

    • http://delayedmissives.com/ Alex Elizabeth

      Could be either, a lot of fashion week cross blogging has been going on lately. Thanks! I’ve been trying to do more with my photography lately. And yes, it is the Stuy Town! 

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  • http://starcrossedsmile.blogspot.com Nnenna

    Seriously, bringing sexy back ;)  And have I said thank you yet for taking our pictures?  Well if not, thank you thank you thank you! :D

    • http://delayedmissives.com/ Alex Elizabeth

      Hahahahahaha… although I think the back is a little too exposed. A little more than I’d like– probably the broad shoulders. You’re welcome for the photos. Always happy to have willing victims :)

  • K makeitandfakeit

    Aw, it look liked you had so much fun!!!!!!!

    love K

  • http://theblogofworldlydelights.blogspot.com laura

    omg I wish I lived closer to you and Nnenna! I shwear you guys are together, like, all the time! ENVY! And that gorgeous dress is also lust-worthy! the back detail is just beeyoootiful, Alex.

    • http://delayedmissives.com/ Alex Elizabeth

      I wish you did, too! It would be so fun if we could get together all the time. You will just have to come for fashion week events one day. I love the back of this dress although it exposes way more of my back than on the runway models. I’m thinking of getting a lace shirt for underneath, or maybe making a few minor alterations– gulp! My sewing is atrocious. 

  • tia_cherie

    Love your dress. It must have been so fun meeting the other bloggers. I read Nnenna’s blog and she’s the best!


  • http://re-mix-her.tumblr.com Caitlin

    Those giftbags look killer! . . . as is that AW dress. Love!

    • http://delayedmissives.com/ Alex Elizabeth

      There were so many good things in the gift bags I got :) And the bags themselves are pretty useful, too!

  • http://twitter.com/momtrends nicole feliciano

    Love the photo shoot. Your dress is so cool and of course you are a masterful photographer!

  • Glamamom

    That dress is made for you!

  • http://twitter.com/MeganFrugalista Megan Zietz

    gorgeous dress

  • http://shendovestyle.blogspot.com/ ShenDove

    I love the draping of your dress lady!.

    Looks like you guys had a great time.  Next time, I’ll def plan to stay a bit longer in NYC so I can make it to BNO : )

    • http://delayedmissives.com/ Alex Elizabeth

      Yes! It would be awesome if you did, and Lulu’s was fun, too… maybe they’ll have an event again in September!