Water Front is Actually a Spa

Dear Lydia,

Lately my weeks have been jammed with social engagements… which really is how I like them. Might as well make the most of the late sunsets and warm weather. Over the weekend, members of the Blogger Social Club got together to celebrate Kim’s blogiversary for I Have a Degree in This!. We had brunch at Lil’ Frankie’s, which was not at all what I was expecting. I loved the exposed brick and slightly Victorian-looking décor.

My scrambled eggs and Kim’s amazing french toast. Definitely a solid brunch spot.

After making Nnenna take my photos, I made Nnenna and Kim pose for a few shots. They were a little reluctant, but I love how the photos came out! The Water Front mural is definitely an interesting backdrop.

Have you ever been to Water Front in the East Village? I’ve never noticed it before, and I walk by here all the time. This building actually contains a spa (and is not at all on the waterfront). The mural is a bit of unexpected brightness, so I’m totally curious about the inside now.

Love 21/Forever 21 dress | Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles – $9.50 (!!), consignment | Francesca’s Collections sunglasses | by boe Cubilete Bracelet (borrowed from samples)

I have Kim to thank for a new pose, too! She suggested it, and although I felt really weird taking the first photo, it looks natural and unposed. I’m a fan. Now if only I could replicate it when I have my remote…

Happy blogiversary, Kim! And happy almost birthday, too!



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    glad you’ve been keeping busy, it’s always nice to have a full calendar in the summer. that french toast looks so awesome, and yay for more blogger get togethers!

    I only have one thing to say about the pose. Where is the dog?

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      Ohhh as much as I would love to have a dog, it would be way too much in New York. I’m resigned to the fact that the next time I have a dog will probably be when I’m 35… or maybe even older.

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      Weather never deters me from anything unless it’s like… a tornado or something. I’m up for activities in the rain, snow, etc., as long as I’m wearing something weather-appropriate!