Twistband Hair Ties | Hair Accessories

orange chevron and brown twistband hair ties
twistband hair ties
It’s been hot lately. And when it hasn’t been hot, it’s definitely been rainy. I picked up two packs of these little Twistband hair ties at the last Lulu*s Style Studio during F/W 2013. Good thing, because this summer I cannot deal with my hair, which is somehow even more gigantic than usual. It must be filled with everyone’s secrets, so if you’ve told me one lately then don’t worry– I’m definitely still holding onto it.

Twistband has fun colors. I can put my hair in a (big) pony tail. Doesn’t give me headache or leave weird marks in my hair.

Smiles all around.

Pick some fancy ones up at Anthropologie or here on the Twistband site.

These guys were free, but I definitely have paid for Twistband hair ties before. Those are just a little ragged looking now, so I’m showing you these nice ones instead. Oh, and Twistband doesn’t even know I’m writing this. I just really like these little hair ties.