Monika Chiang F/W 2013 | New York Fashion Week

I walked into Monika Chiang expecting a collection with a unique edgy/preppy twist, but I what I got was even better. The hair and makeup were obvious nods at 80s glam rock, and overall there was a luxe, elegant 70s and 80s vibe carried throughout the collection.

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some tumblr loves

So remember when I posted about listing all the tumblrs I follow?  A really long time ago?  I’ve finally gotten around to it!  These are all the tumblrs I follow that would be in the fashion category of the directory but they’re more specifically like personal style blogs à la What I Wore.  

Obsessed with vintage?  Natalie of A Hat & White Gloves skillfully mixes current and vintage pieces, and she lives in Australia (seriously cool)!

If you don’t even own a pair of flats and laugh in the face of a five-inch heel… then Lei Ann (GIVE ME PLATFORMS… or give me death.) is your sole sister!  

J. Crewaholic?  the inquiring amritamaz could be an entire beautifully photographed catalogue by herself!  

If you’re on a budget then iStyle4Less and Re-Mix-Her are your creative and stylish go-to girls! 

From Me To You is a photography blog, but I love seeing Jamie’s personal style in every GPOYW.  

Terra’s blog is bursting with personality and this Stylish White Female bears a striking resemblance to Christina Hendricks!  

Truly well-traveled style can be found at Songs & Fairy Tales and TheBrownGirlFiles.  

And of course, what I think of as “the New York bloggers”.  The tumblr that launched a thousand style blogs, What I Wore!  Some seriously enviable shoes (marni, frye, ann d, vintage YSL whattt) can be found at the owls are not what they seem.  And Kendra (Closet Confections) is always sporting something both ladylike and unexpected.  I like trying to guess where all her photos are taken!  

Can anyone recommend more fashion tumblrs for me to follow?  I feel like most of the fashion bloggers are on blogger, but there might be someone here that I don’t know about and desperately need on my dashboard!