What Getting Lunch in DUMBO Looks Like

Dear Silvergirl,

When it rains in Vinegar Hill/DUMBO/Fulton Ferry, it’s serious. Because we’re directly on the water with no tall buildings for a shield. The wind will blow out your umbrella at least twice before you even make it to the corner.

But isn’t this view amazing? Look! I’m walking under the Manhattan Bridge!

There are cobblestones. How cute. I slip on them while holding my plaid umbrella and taking photos of my favorite building.

No one delivers in DUMBO, so I’m always going out to get lunch. Usually Almondine or Peas & Pickles if I don’t bring anything with me. And sometimes I go out for cookies.

I’m totally not fooling you, am I? You know I love cold weather. I don’t even mind the rain that much, but rain and wind can make for a very blustery combination. I love this view though– rain or shine.


New York Weekend

Dear Dotty,

Over the weekend my cousins came to visit and we did some touristy things. I usually only see the tree as I walk through on my way to Anthropologie. I don’t like the touristy areas of Manhattan… they aren’t really New York to me, although I did take a few good photos.

Then I took them to Flatiron, Union Square, and the East Village. They’d never been, which I can’t even imagine… they’re among my favorite neighborhoods in New York. I wanted to get them to Brooklyn as well, but there wasn’t time. Oh well, guess they’ll just have to visit again!

Do you have any fun holiday plans with friends or family?


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Life is a Cabaret, Old Chum, Only a Cabaret

Dear Lydia,

‘Twas the week of holiday parties and all through the city… First up: Steve Brings It! at Steve Madden with Keiko, who is just the nicest person ever. It can be a little weird and intimidating meeting really well known bloggers, but Keiko was so easy to talk to. Some sage advice I receieved Tuesday night: if you don’t store your handbags in their dustbags use them to carry your shoes! You can see Keiko’s recap of the event on Keiko LynnNnenna and I are in there amongst the instagrams!

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Photo Diary: Life in the Country, Part Two

Dear Nnenna,

I think sometimes it’s nice to visit the countryside, but honestly it’s always such a relief to return to New York and wander the streets and have Seamless for food delivery. I can never quite decide if the quiet is peaceful or tiresome. Silence can be just as grating as noise from the street (which generally I find comforting, ha).

Things are so much less expensive though. Artisanal scones for $2? Thanks and I’ll take two :) And Target is such a delightful place. And driving! I’ve missed being in the rush of cars instead of standing next to them.

Hover over for extra photo details, as usual.


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