New York Swap!

Dear Lydia,

Last Wednesday I attended an awesome swap event hosted by The Bloggers’ Collective. It was totally fate that I was clearing out my closet when I saw the post about it on I Have a Degree in This. I took fun things like my old Burberry sunglasses and DKNY scarf that have been on my swap page forever, as well as an American Apparel skirt that apparently was in high demand (sorry Nnenna, but you know I’ll just be giving things to you when there’s no swap to go to).

I got to connect with old friends (um, and by old I mean about six months?) and made new ones.

Nnenna and Naina, who blogs at Sidewalk Catwalks.

Christina (The Happy Shopaholic) and Nnenna.

I actually wore this shirt and skirt the first time I met Nnenna. Added a belt, which is something I haven’t done before. I’m wearing my J.Crew leopard perfect shirt, Gap leather skirt, Forever 21 belt, and trusty Stuart Weitzman Forsure pumps. I took my Merona faux-ostrich tote again, which is now available online. I can’t recommend this tote any more though, because the handles are already pulling off of it after only about a month.

Nnenna wore something awesome! I took her photos (and she took mine, I always forget to tell you but I think you already know), so you should go see.

That’s it for photos. I didn’t even get one with Jamillah— too busy socializing! If you’re looking for further reading, Kimberlee’s post about the swap was up in a much more timely manner than mine, and Nnenna’s went up today.



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      I got a lot of great beauty products, a vintage Oscar de la Renta shirt (I’ll be swapping it because it’s too big for me), and a red dress I might give to Nnenna because I think it would look better on her. I love swaps but realize I might not be leaving with many clothes– a lot of bloggers here are sample size and I’m not. 

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    I so need to go to a swap – I literally have bags of stuff I took out of the closet but don’t want to deal with trying to consign and are getting zero attention on my blog shop.

    Your night photos just keep getting better, and that top and skirt is an excellent combination.