How to Wear Fall 2013 Color Trends Right Now

acai ikat dress and samba red coach bag fall 2013 color trends

Dear Francy,

As much as summer dresses are great, my preference is actually for fall clothing… the layers, the scarves, the textures– so much potential! During the summer I tend to dress extremely simply, so I try to add interest with color and pattern.

I’m finding myself ready for fall as August comes to a close. The extreme heat wave we had earlier this summer seems to have depleted all of my summer style inspiration, so I’ve been looking at how to wear Fall 2013 color trends right now while it’s still a little steamy out. The Pre-Fall collections I’ve seen are gorgeous, but it’s still early days here and on the warm side for the trends involving jackets and layers.

purple ikat dress with yellow belt and coach satchel fashion blogger outfit

pantone fall 2013 fashion color report

Pantone’s Fall 2013 Color Report includes some great colors that can easily be worn now and later for fall. Vivacious and Koi are particularly good ones, and ones that I tend to have a lot of for summer. However, I’ve become increasingly fond of the color they’re calling Acai and have been actively keeping an eye out– hence this recent Forever21 dress. My Coach bag from Fall 2012 is pretty much a perfect match for Samba, too (ahead of trend last year?) and I’ve got some Turbulence in my hematite and silver accessories.

I actually like this styling of the ikat dress a lot better than my earlier summery one. The gold accessories were great, but the belt in a contrasting color is a definite improvement. What do you think? Is the fall or summer styling better?

acai ikat dress with yellow belt and coach satchel fashion blogger fall 2013 color trends

acai ikat dress and samba red bag fall 2013 color trends fashion blogger outfit

I guess I’m just totally ready for fall to be right now. I get that way sometimes. I love living in a climate with seasons, and I even like snow.

U.S. darlings, have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


  • Michelle

    Hi Alexandra: Found you via Monday Mingle. I love fall too — I’m so excited to break out the boots. I like the how mustard belt and deep red bag work with your outfit.

  • elle

    I love the warmer color palette in this post, and am a sucker for Ikat.
    Continue to wear this dress, I do think it will work with boots and a leather or denim jacket…too pretty to put away.
    XX, Elle

  • Kileen

    I love how you styled this skirt this time! The gold belt really does make it pop and the ikat print is so pretty!

    • miss donna

      i totally agree – – the belt makes all the difference in this look!

  • Tanya

    Love the print dress that you wearing. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hanna

    So lovin’ the colors & patterns on ur dress! Lovely :) Same here on being so ready for fall!

  • elle sees

    i’m loving the colors from panetone…jewel tones look best on me.

  • Silvergirl

    I gotta tell you that I am so happy you changed your comments
    That livefyre thing was making me crazy

    • Alexandra Shook

      A lot of people love livefyre, but it just wasn’t for me. I thought the interface was supposed to be easier to work with but it definitely wasn’t. Wanted to deactivate it days ago but there was some bug with it that kept on wrecking everything so I had to wait for it to be resolved.

  • Mia

    I think I do like this version of the outfit better–the yellow belt works perfectly with all the colors in the dress (and with your lipstick). I’m kind of ready for fall now too, even though I’m sure summer temperatures will carry through the end of September at least. But I’ll be tired of cool weather after about two weeks, so I should stock up on warmth while I can, haha.

    • Alexandra Shook

      I like the yellow belt better, too. Now I feel like my summer outfit looked boring and too obvious :P

  • CrashBeauty

    I’m loving the color palette! Have to embrace fall, I’ve missed it. I’m totally making pumpkin pie next week. 
    -Chrissy of

    • Alexandra Shook

      I am also so ready for fall because I’m growing tired of these late summer thunderstorms… so much rain and humidity! Fall is also such a nice season in the northeast.

  • Lyddiegal

    I think you’ve got everyone of those colors in your dress! I guess those F21 designers have been doing their homework ;)
    I am not ready to give up on summer style. I feel like there are so many outfits I wanted to put together and never got around to for one reason or another.

    • Alexandra Shook

      This dress is definitely stuffed full of fall colors.

      I wish I was still inspired about summer… but I’m totally not. I also feel like I didn’t acquire very many summery things this year though.

  • hopeshores

    Love how you styled this dress differently with a more fall theme. Such a great color palette. I’m so excited for fall too!! Bring on the oversized sweaters.

    • Alexandra Shook

      I really want to see if I can style this dress with tights, or if it’ll just end up totally weird looking with the print. I want to keep wearing it as long as I can!

  • ShenDove

    I love the colors in your dress!  It’s the perfect transitional piece to take you into fall.  I love all the seasons honestly, and though I’m always reluctant to see summer go, I love fall styling.

    • Alexandra Shook

      When it gets cooler I want to style this again with boots! Sometimes you can find magic at Forever 21, although I had to dig around for a while before I found this dress!