Between Bridges | Alexander Wang & Foley + Corinna

Dear Silvergirl,

Brooklyn Bridge Park really is one of the best spots in New York, and Shivani had never been so I hopped us over on the F train. Despite the gloom and insane wind it was an unbelievably warm day. In between trains passing through, DUMBO is a quiet neighborhood and I like taking people out of areas that are seen as typically New York. Part of the beauty of this city is the amazing amount of different experiences you can have– sometimes all of them in one day!

Shivani left New York in the early evening and I met Nnenna for some shopping in Flatiron. At 8pm it was still warm enough for dinner outside at Shake Shack, an awesome treat this late in the season. I thought the everyone would have the same idea to dine al fresco one more time before winter sets in, but there were only about five people in line before us. Totally unbelievable, considering I’ve seen an hour long wait during the spring downpours we had earlier in the year.

I’m wearing my Simply Vera for Kohl’s jacket, Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Alexander Wang dress, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, and Born boots. And of course carrying my favorite old Foley + Corinna bag.

Hope you have lots of fun things planned for the holidays! I have lots of traveling to do this week.


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  • Skinny Moonstick

    What you’re wearing is simply stunning! I love the layering and the boots and the bag is gorgeous! You look very chic :)
    Good luck!

  • Sassyuptownchic

    Hand over the bag Alex! Hand it over! HAHAHA You can wear the sharpest stuff. I always shake my head at your impeccable style AND PICS! You’re always so beautiful. Lovely girl!

    • Alex Elizabeth

      Awww thanks Kim. I do tend to be rather dramatic in my clothing choices, hahaa. And I especially look that way when I’m out of New York. Jeans just don’t do it for me. I’ve always been more comfortable wearing a dress. 

  • Loren Cline

    You two are so cute! The wrap dress is awesome.

    • Alex Elizabeth

      We had a lot of fun! This is my all time favorite dress. I intend to keep it for the rest of my life. 

  • Lyddiegal

    the weather has been crazy. i was freezing the other day and today it was 55°??? what? If only it weren’t raining.
    I love shivani’s coat, tell her i’m going to steal it.

    • Alex Elizabeth

      I’ve gone south for the holidays now and it broke 70 today. No jacket, no tights… it was kind of amazing, although the hair’s a disaster. So humid here! 

      Haha, I’ll let her know where to look if it goes missing. I believe it’s Calvin Klein from Macy’s. 

  • Thu Huynh

    OMG – I love your F&C bag! These outfits are too pretty, and I love the shots of the birdges in the back ;)

    • Alex Elizabeth

      Thanks! I’ve had this bag for maybe six years and it’s so floppy and worn but I love it to death. DUMBO’s one of my favorite areas of New York. The Brooklyn Bridge always looks awesome. 

  • Caitlin

    Love that dress, as always. The rucheing on it is absolutely incredible and perfect. Is that a scarf or part of your cardigan hanging down near your purse? 

    • Alex Elizabeth

      The scarf is attached to the dress at the shoulder– it’s a one shoulder under there. I let it just hang free for the first time in a while, but then I realized why I always belt it or something. It’s always getting in the way! I kept it wrapped around my hand for most of the day. 

  • Kristin & Megan

    That jacket is awesome! Makes me want to pay a visit to Kohl’s!

  • brett

    you are making me so jealous
    i want to be somewhere fun and exciting right now!!

    • Alex Elizabeth

      DUMBO isn’t that exciting but the views are beautiful. Maybe you can get there sometime soon!